Scott Stoczynski Obituary {July} What Incident Happened?

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Whenever we hear from the internet about some demise due to an accident, the first thought is why is this happening so much nowadays, and felt miserable for whoever the person was. Here we go again with such devastating news about Scottstoczynski. Do you know who he was? Have you wondered how this happened? 

Do you know that this news was spreading extensively in the United States? If not, read this article until the end, and you will learn about Scott Stoczynski Obituary.  

How did the accident happen?

On 17 July 2022, a former North Dakota football player passed away in a horrific car accident. We came to know about the accident through NDSU (North Dakota state university) page, which was the one to announce this on their Facebook account to pay tribute to the player. This news was not revealed till the latest Sunday and made public, but one of Scott’s friends stated that he had left this world forever due to the injuries he got due to a car accident.

Scott Stoczynski Death happen when he was just 45-year-old and he passed away due to a tragic accident. The family gave no details about Scott nor any information about his relatives or the person who had worked with him.

Who was Scottstoczynski?

Scott was a football player and a former student at NDSU, national Dakota state university. He was said to play two seasons at NDSU, from 2009-2011.

His death was announced by the NDSU fan page of football players, and they made a statement giving tribute to Scott on account of Scott Stoczynski Obituary and praying for his family and friends so that they get strength from almighty so that they can deal with this challenging time.

Scott was not so old when he died. He completed his graduation from Hoffman estates in 2007. He had a BSc degree in criminal justice and a psychology minor from the same university in Dakota state in 2011.

He was a defensive player at the university and played there for two seasons to show his talent. He also worked for an investment company with a good income of $200,00.

Reactions to Scott Stoczynski Car Accident

NDSU posted a tribute about Scott on their fan page from where everyone came to know about his demise and also Scott’s friend also showed her feelings about losing a friend and stated that both she and her husband get sad after they came to know about Scott’s demise as he was not that much old and was just 45.

No news came from Scott’s family or other friends, or any colleague with whom he used to work. The university had also paid him tribute through some messages on social media.


Scott Stoczynski Obituary and funeral details are not mentioned by the family, he got in a car accident on Friday, but later we all learned this through NDSU, where he used to be an end footballer. Click this link for more information.

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