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Do you know Tony Sirico? Have you heard any shocking news about Tony Sirico? Today’s news topic is very sensitive; it is about a popular celebrity and who is well-known among the nation’s people. The news is widely discussed in Canada.

But before to believe his fans want to know about the Funeral Tony Sirico place to confirm this news. So here in the write-up, we will scrutinize the exclusive news to confirm its reliability. Keep reading the following content for further detail.

What about Tony Sirico’s Funeral?

Tony Sirico was an American actor and liked by his fans, but last week his fans got the shocking news that Tony Sirico had passed away at the age of 79. His body was taken to his New York home for his funeral. On Wednesday his laid to rest at the Basilica of Regia Pacis in Brooklyn. He got most of the popularity from the series Sopranos.

Tony Sirico Funeral Home-

Tony Sirico took to his final ceremony in New York, where he was raised at his native place, and all the funeral rituals were performed by his brother and father, Robert Sirico. Tony Sirico was born Gennaro Sirico Jr. on 29th July 1942.

The actor is best known for his role as Paulie walnuts Gualtieri in the Sopranos. He led a successful career and made many guest appearances in the film woody Allen. He is no more, but still, his fans and family members are in shock; on Wednesday morning, his funeral ceremony was performed and streamed live. Tony Sirico Funeral Service attended around 100 people in the church, including sopranos stars Lorraine Bracco, Steven Van Zandt, and Joseph Gannascoli. 

If we talk about his life journey, the actor was arrested for around 28-times and kept in prison before succeeding as a popular actor. He got fame due to his role as New Jersey gangster Paulie Walnuts in the Sopranos. 

Most of the allegations against to actor were related to weapons and small-time crimes, and only two times he was in prison. The one-time charge for weapons and another one was related to armed robbery.

What about Funeral Tony Sirico?

The news of the actor’s death was shared by his brother, the priest Robert Sirico on social media, and his funeral ceremony has performed on a Wednesday morning in New York. All the people gathered in the church to say a final goodbye to their beloved Tony.

How much was Tony Sirico net worth?

The fans of the actor are curious to know how much worth he has left for his family behind him. As per the report, the actor’s net worth is $10 Million, which he earns through films and the television industry.


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