Beanie Feldstein Funny Girl Reviews {July} Read Details!

The article Beanie Feldstein Funny Girl Reviews provides the most recent major update of the lead actress and her role replacements.

Are you a super excited fan of the iconic musical comedy classic Broadway show “The Funny Girl”? Do you know that the famous show was revived after 58 years based on Harvey Fierstein’s work? 

The most recent Funny Girl Broadway Show is currently playing at the August Wilson Theatre in New York, United States. But recently, the famous star of the show, the actress Beanie Feldstein, announced a shocking update, so here, in this article, we will be discussing Beanie Feldstein Funny Girl Reviews.

The iconic show

Beanie Feldstein, the lead actress, got the golden opportunity to play the role of Fanny Brice in the Funny Girl Show. Still, her performance received a critical review rather than a favorable one. The famous New York Times theatre staff expressed their opinion on Beanie Feldstein’s average performance. And recently, Beanie surprised everyone by leaving the Funny Girl Show on July 31, two months earlier than her scheduled date. 

According to online sources, the funny girl Broadway has received mild reviews from the audience, and they found no connection between the lead characters. So it got 6.04 ratings from critics and audiences.

Beanie Feldstein Funny Girl Singing

The lead actress, Beanie Feldstein, was selected to play the role of Fanny Brice, so she was assigned to sing the following songs: “I-am-the-greatest-star,” “people,” “I-want-to-be-seen-with-you” etc. 

But Beanie announced that she would be leaving the popular show, on July 31, 2022, Beanie will perform her last performance as Fanny Brice at the August Wilson Theatre. According to the news media, Lea Michele will replace Beanie Feldstein from September 1. In the interim period, Julie Benko will perform as Fanny Brice.

What is the reason?

Beanie Feldstein Leaving Funny Girl is trending on the internet because, previously, Beanie expressed her gratitude for being a part of this iconic retro funny girl show but abruptly announced her departure on July 10, 2022, on her Instagram. 

She also explained her reasons for leaving the show, which was that the show had deviated from its original direction. The production team was streaming the show from a different perspective, so Beanie didn’t like that change, of course, so she decided to quit the show with deep regrets. But her decision left her fans in agony.

Another character depart

The question, Why Is Jane Lynch Leaving Funny Girl?” is also trending on the internet. Jane Lynch, who played the role of Fanny Brice’s mom (Mrs. Brice), is also leaving the show in September 2022. But the real reason behind her decision to quit the show has not yet been officially released. And Tovah Feldsuh is going to replace Lynch in the role of Mrs. Brice.


The Broadway show revival made the fans extremely happy, but the show’s outcome was not achieved as expected. Most people believe that the current revival lacks the show’s essence. The show has received Tony nominations up to this point. 

Thus, the article Beanie Feldstein Funny Girl Reviews explained about the recent happenings in the Broadway funny girl show. For booking the Broadway show

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