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Did developments in the middle eastern countries attract attention of the PhilippinesGermany, and the United States? Former president, Trump, tried to unite Arab countries and named the pact ‘Deal of Melinium.’ However, President Biden did not continue efforts. 

Now, China is making an effort to reunite Arab countries. Additionally, Saudi Arabia invited Bashar al-Assad to rebuild bilateral ties! Amid situation, the Fadi Amr Al Zaydan Reddit video goes viral!

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Content of Fadi Amr Al Zaydan Video:

Fadi was 19-year-old Syrian soldier captured and imprisoned by Kurd forces. Kurd coalition was led by Democratic Union Party, which wanted to establish new constitution for de facto autonomous region. Since civil war broke out between Syria and Kurds, extremist has executed supporters and soldiers of Syria.

The unique execution of Fadi was sent as footage. The clips showed Fadi with half-shaved beard, mustaches, and patch of shaved hair from left side of the head in the Fadi Amr Al Zaydan Incident Video. Fadi was kneeling in desert. Fadi had confessed that he used to drive tank over dead bodies of Kurd militants.

After 0:00:35 seconds of Fadi’s talk, Kurd militant appeared behind Fadi and said that if Syria punished Kurds, they would be punished similarly. Fadi’s hands and legs were tied. He was moved to center of road. battle tank approached him to execute him. Fadi was unable to move and tried hopping with tied legs. However, his efforts failed, and tank crushed him. 

Fadi’s dead body was shown in video. Links to Fadi Amr Al Zaydan Reddit video were included in various Reddit posts. His whole body, including his head, became like pan flat on ground. His cerebral came out of his head and shattered into pieces. His skull and lungs were smashed. Kurd forces were seen shouting and celebrating! video footage is inappropriate, violent, and not recommended for viewership. 

Recent events:

China invited Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore peaceful relationship between two countries. Saudi-Arab and Iran signed China-brokered agreement that will make China play major role in restoring diplomatic relationships and ending seven-year disputes, which includes their differences in Syria and Yemen civil war.

Circulation of Fadi Amr Al-Zaydan Video:

After China-brokered agreement, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and reconciled countries relationships. They told Assad that he was separated from his Arab family and that it was time for Assad to return to his brothers (Saudi Arab).

This development has highlighted China as an upcoming challenge against international dominance of America. In past few weeks, there have been several efforts to tamper with progress of restoring bilateral ties. video of Fadi Amr Al-Zaydan’s execution started circulating in past few days. Visit Website

Social media links for Fadi Amr Al Zaydan Reddit video:

Today on "Classic Depravities of the Internet": ISIS Tank Execution
by u/jonahboi33 in ClassicDepravities


The video footage of Fadi shows barbarity of Kurds. It must be noted that Fadi was executed in October 2015. It is questionable why footage started trending after approximately 7.5 years. Is it coincident that such video went viral amid peace restoration efforts between Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia? After China-brokered agreement, there were several terror attacks on Saudi Arabia.

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Fadi Amr Al Zaydan Reddit – FAQ

Q1. What was reaction of viewers to Fadi Amr Al Zaydan Reddit video?

Viewers criticized Kurds as barbaric.

Q2. What are details of Fadi’s video file?

Faid’s video is 7.49 Mb in size and 0:02:34 minutes long.

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