{Updated} Tyler Wilson Doyle Court: Check Full Details On Tyler Doyle Mug Shot, And Tyler Wilson Doyle South Carolina

Read exclusive and consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere about Tyler Wilson Doyle Court to learn the truth of Tyler‘s trial and missing.

Who is Tyler Wilson Doyle? Is he the same person referred to as Javon Doyle? Is Tyler charged with murder? What is Tyler’s profession? What is the current situation of his family? Why is the news about Tyler trending in the United States? Would you like to know about Tyler’s personal life?

We bring you ten exclusive facts eliminating the rumors. So, let’s learn below about Tyler Wilson Doyle Court.

Timeline and ongoing search for Tyler:

Fact #1: Javon Doyle is a different person who was charged in a murder case. Javon’s court case became famous as a face shoot (or) mug shot. Tyler Doyle is a different person. However, as both have their surname as Doyle, Javon’s court case was confused with Tyler as a suspect.

Fact #2: Tyler worked at a refrigeration service in Loris named Carolina Kitchens. He is a bike racer known as ‘Doyle’s No. 38’ and ‘The Loris Slayer.’ He is also fond of duck hunting.

Fact #3 about Tyler Wilson Doyle South Carolina: Tyler went on a duck hunt in this 2022-23 season, which closed on 31st-January-2023. Just before the season closed, Tyler was on a 16 feet boat in North Myrtle Beach. The boat met with an accident on 26th-January-2023, and Tyler is since been missing.

Fact #3: Tyler’s belonging, including his wallet, were found two miles east of Ocean Isle Beach. The police conducted search operations in the first week of February. The police used helicopters, bloodhounds, and sonars to locate his body.

Fact #4: The search operation started at 5:00 PM on 26th-January-2023 for Tyler Doyle Mug Shot. The coast guard was able to rescue another person who was on the boat with Tyler. However, even after 45 hours of search covering 694 miles, the police could not locate Tyler. 

Fact #5: On 1st-February-2023, the police anticipated that his body might not pass beyond Southport. Hence, the police requested people to provide any clues spotted within three to ten miles of Southport and east of Ocean Isle Beach.

Fact #6: Tyler is married to Lakelyn Chestnut Doyle. The couple is expecting a child soon. Many people around the area have voluntarily participated in search operations and brought vital food and supplies in the donation.

Fact #7 on Tyler Wilson Doyle Court: His family had launched GoFundMe, Venom, baby registry, Etc., to get donations for supporting his family. As of 4th-February-2023, GoFundMe accumulated $31,330 (targeted $15K), and Venom accumulated $850+ funds, in addition to colossal baby registry gifts. A chicken bog dinner is organized on 11th-February-2023 at Lake View Motor Speedway as a relief effort.

Fact #8: Prayers are organized at various places, including Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Loris, for the well-being of Tyler.

Fact #9: Lakelyn, Tyler’s wife, was found posting the latest updates on Facebook but later deleting them.

Fact #10: Social media pages, specifically Facebook and TikTok, launched the ‘Help Find Tyler Doyle’ campaign for Tyler Wilson Doyle Court, with more than 50K members and 800+ shared posts. The social media posts included webcam footage of search operations, mapping tools, and offers to host volunteers at their homes.

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It has been ten days on 6th-February-2023 since Tyler was missing. However, his body is still missing. We hope Tyler will survive and will be found alive. Please remember him in your prayers. Efforts are on to trace Tyler, which received massive support from the local community, social media, and fundraising platforms.

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Tyler Wilson Doyle Court – FAQ

1Q. What is the latest update about Tyler?

Tyler is still missing.

2Q. What was Tyler wearing on 26th-January?

Tyler was in khaki jeans and a camo jacket.

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