Facesoftheriot.Com (Jan 2021) Scanty Reviews Below

Facesoftheriot.Com (Jan 2021) Scanty Reviews Below >> Find out how blindly followed propaganda can destroy your life.  

Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States, will swear-in at noon on January 20, 2021. In history, it has never seen such a great turmoil created by the vacating president. 

The memories of protests, or we should say “insurgency,” on January 6, are still fresh in our minds at the capitol. To avoid any such incidence by the blind-followers, who are always creating uproar to overturn the government. The secret services and other departments are tracking-down protestors with the help of sites like Facesoftheriot.com.

For the first in the history of the U.S president swearing-in-ceremony, the vacating president will not voluntarily attend it. He will not leave the welcome letter on the resolute desk, nor did he wish his successor on his victory. He still believes his hoax theory that he has won the elections, and so does his blind followers.

In this article, we are going to discuss the website and how the blind emotions of the protestors destroyed their lives.

What is the website about?

Facesoftheriot.com has uploaded pictures of all the protestors who were present and were violating laws at the capitol. The selfies and live videos on social media have turned out to be a grave they dug for themselves.

Now, the agencies and sites have made it easier for the people to find out if there’s any violent protestor around who is unwilling to let democracy prevail.

How are agencies tracking protestors?

With the help of websites like Facesoftheriot.com, facial recognition technology, recordings of the capital, and media reports, the agencies hunt down protestors.

What is the Punishment?

A blindly followed propaganda and an attempt to overpower the government will cost them a sentence of a lifetime.

Their whole life has been destroyed, and their leader will still lead a lavish lifestyle in the palaces he already owns.

Website Tweeted


 Ensure all the posted pictures are rioters.

Popups with grouped faces and videos will be uploaded in four days.

Increase Amazon web services hosting/ content delivery network plan because there are more videos than expected.

Final Verdict

In our research, we have concluded that Facesoftheriot.com is a reliable website, and you can use it to check if there’s any protestor around you.

The incident of January 6 teaches us many things, but two of which have come out to be the most important lessons are that you should not blindly follow any propaganda or speech without checking the facts.

Secondly, your emotions should always have a reasonable justification along with it. If you would follow only your feelings, then indeed you are on the path of your disaster. As we can see, many life’s currently being destroyed in the United States due to unreasonable emotions.

In the end, we would suggest you have a look at the faces on Facesoftheriot.com to find out if there’s any protestor around you. 

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