Does Daemon Kill Aemond-How Does Member Of House Targaryen Die? What Happens To Him? Read!

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Are movies something that attracts you? Do you know anything about Daemon? Did you know how significant a role Daemon plays in the story? Would you also like to know how Aemond was killed? People from the United StatesCanada, the United KingdomAustralia, and India are interested in learning more about Aemond and the circumstances surrounding his murder.

In this post, Does Daemon Kill Aemond you will find out all about Aemond’s murder.


Why are people talking about the killing of Aemond

We’d like to introduce to you about Aemond, because we think many of you don’t know about it. One of the well-known and endearing characters from the movie Daemon Targaryen is Aemond. Many people think that Daemon killed Aemond in the movie. However, Daemond did not actually kill him. He was killed on his own. People merely wanted to determine if Daemond was the cause of Aemond’s death or not. This is why all are talking about Aemond killing.

How Does Daemon Targaryen Die

Daemon Targaryen passes away in the movie’ Targaryen Civil War. Also, Daemon, with his dragon Caraxes, sailed throughout the Dancing of the Dragons, assisting Rhaenyra’s army in capturing the difficult citadel of Harrenhal. The epic conflict resulted in the deaths of all four, with Daemon stabbing Aemond in the eye after leaping onto Vhagar in midair.

What Happens to Daemon Targaryen

According to the official record, he and his dragon Caraxeseventually dies in the God’s Eye during Dance of Dragons. As a result, this incident split the family.Daemons tempted Aemond to fight against Harrenhal during a prolonged conflict. Aemond comes back and gets involved in a war with Daemon even though Daemon’s body was never discovered after the Fight. 

Historians in Westeros thought that he was dead. But the singers claimed that he was recovered and spent all the rest of his days in secrecy.

Does Daemon Kill Aemond? No, Daemon did not killed Aemond. If you still have any doubts regarding Aemond and Daemon’s death, then we advise you to read the above section carefully.


In summarising this article, we discussed whether Daemon is dead or alive. We also focused on the actual fight held during the dance of dragons. Click on this link to learn more about this Daemon Targaryen.

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