Escape The Planetarium Risk Of Rain 2 (March) Update!

The guide shares the helpful guide on how to Escape The Planetarium Risk Of Rain 2.   

Game lovers know that the latest edition of Risk of Rain 2 is already released and out. It brings various amazing avatars and items that are accessible after purchasing the Survivors of the Void expansion. 

Players looking to explore the new challenges can proceed to Steam and fight with the monsters after the new expansion. The new expansion is available from 1st March on PC and available with new areas and items to explore. 

But the Worldwide players are eagerly searching for a guide on how to Escape The Planetarium Risk Of Rain 2 like a pro.    

About the Planetarium in Risk Of Rain 2

The Planetarium is the hidden logbook that players need to explore and collect in the Risk of Rain 2 – Survivors of the Void expansion. Players can obtain the item by coming across the Diviner of Deep Voiding Boss.

As the players hover through the map, they will see an empty field-like combat, and after they proceed far enough, there will be a triple-step chief encounter.  

The players can get the logbook by defeating it and heading to the last portal in the final stage. Since it is a new expansion, players may have challenges collecting the hidden logbook. 

Risk Of Rain 2 Escape The Planetarium – How to Escape?

Players are urged to look for the purple portal in the game that pops up after finishing the early levels or hitting the Simulacrum’s wave50.

Now, players are urged to visit the Lunar Bazaar to get the Void Fields via the blue portal. Players must walk through the hole situated in the tunnel, and it will help them get through the gateway of Void Fields. 

The different forms have different flaws and powers, as confirmed by the developer team. Hopefully, it is clear how to Escape The Planetarium Risk Of Rain 2. After completing it, they will have access to Void Fiend’s entrance, a survivor who changes between a controlled and corrupted state.

Methods to Void Fiend and Obtain Railgunner!

With the new expansion, you get access to many new characters, of which Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner is the most liked one. One can access the avatar after playing the game and diving right in.

Players who want to access the avatar right away need to invest in the Void Expansion’s Survivors. The Railgunner is the extensive expertise available within the game, and it helps players learn more about the new characters, avatars and survivors.

What Players Have to Say?

We found a couple of threads on the discussion forum where people discuss the tricks for Risk Of Rain 2 Escape The Planetarium.

The Worldwide players were seen asking for the methods to escape the planetarium in RoR2. Many players have shared their advice and comments on how to escape. Some players have said that players need to reach wave 50 on Simulacrum to escape it. 

You can read the complete Thread online to learn more about Escape The Planetarium methods.


Risk of Rain 2 is out for PC gamers, and now players can enjoy playing it on your supported PCs. Since the expansion is new, many people asked how to Escape The Planetarium Risk Of Rain 2. You have to follow the above steps to escape The Planetarium.

Do you have any updates to share about the game? Please, share it in the comment section.

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