Wordle Original Site {Feb 2022} Know The Online Game!

The news gives us the details about the wordle word game and how the users are still looking for the Wordle Original Site interface.

Josh Wardle created Wordle for his friend, which the New York Times bought the last month. We know that the word puzzle has created a buzz everywhere, and people are very addicted to the new word game. But recently, a glitch occurred while the game got transferred to the original site, and the game started offering two answers for the same word. People worldwide, especially from the United States, Canadaand the United Kingdom, got confused and took to Twitter regarding the glitch and found out that everyone was facing the same problem due to the transfer from the Wordle Original Site to the NYT site.

What is the news about?

After the buyout, the wordle players were left baffled due to the glitch that occurred on Tuesday as the game provided two solutions for the same word, depending on the site they were using for playing games. After the purchase, the online game is currently sent from the original site to the new site. People had to follow a link to solve the puzzle, but now they can find it on the new site. People are also searching for the Wordle Original Link Uk to get rid of the glitch and stick to one place.

Important points about the news

  • The wordle link shows two answers for the same question, which has created chaos amongst the users.
  • The NYT is also working on removing the obscure words in the old website, and they are constantly working together to remove the terms.
  • There is confusion between the wordle original link and the new link, as some people can access both the links and some cannot.

The detailed news about Wordle can be read on 

Reviews of people on Wordle Original Site

Since the launch of the word puzzle, people in Australia were seen engrossed in the game, and they constantly waited for the next day to play the game. But after the buyout in the last month, they have experienced various glitches in the game, which has made them furious. They support the original link because all their winning streaks were reset as their accounts transferred, and they lost count. The NYT has assured them that they will get back the original Wordle very soon, and they have focused on removing the insensitive words from Wordle Original Link UkThe players are confused with the varying answers, and they want this problem to be solved as soon as possible.


After the entire news, we can conclude that Wordle has taken the world by storm, and people everywhere are very much engrossed in this game. The confusion between the original and new links will get solved, and teams are working on it. They have termed it as a glitch that will get solved very soon. The NYT has assured them that the word game will be the same as the Wordle Original Site.

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