Unlocking Business Insights: How Enigma’s Small Business Database Can Empower Your Growth

As the world of business expands and becomes more competitive, enterprises that wish to stay ahead of the curve must make data-driven decisions.

Yet, with so much data accessible, it can be difficult for firms to know where to begin. This is where Enigma comes in, providing businesses with access to a small business database, allowing them to make informed decisions.

In this post, we will look at how utilizing this firm’s business data can help you accelerate your growth and make better decisions with confidence and efficiency. By leveraging the company’s data science and unique machine learning capabilities, your business might be on the brink of a revolutionary approach, achieving new levels of success. So, let’s dive into the potential of this small business database.

What is small business data?

Small business data refers to information about businesses with lower revenue and employee counts than larger corporations. Although there is no clear definition of a small business, it is often defined as having less than $50 million in revenue and less than 500 employees. However, this firm concentrates on enterprises with annual sales of under $5 million, accounting for about 90% of all small businesses.

Small business data encompasses various types of information, such as contact and business details, registration information, and firmographic data. This data is crucial in developing a company’s profile and determining its acceptability as a possible client, partner, or investment opportunity.

About Enigma

This company, renowned in the data technology sector, excels in extracting critical insights from vast amounts of data. Delivering business intelligence services to a diverse range of clients, including large enterprises, banks, and government organizations, the firm uses a proprietary machine learning platform.

Its cutting-edge technology gives clients unparalleled visibility into aspects such as sales growth, economic wellness, loan history, and credit health. In addition, their adaptable data solutions address specific company requirements, such as risk management, supply chain optimisation, and fraud detection.

This company’s advanced statistical approach empowers clients to make educated decisions, reduce expenses, and achieve a competitive advantage. Its expansive business intelligence database, including over 16 million card-accepting US firms, enables organizations across industries to harness the power of data to drive success.

Overall, the firm’s commitment to innovation and data science has positioned it as a leader in business intelligence. It has become an indispensable partner for organizations seeking to leverage data for success

Benefits of Enigma’s Small Business Database for Big Enterprises:

Here are some benefits that a comprehensive small business database can provide for larger corporations:

  • Compliance Monitoring: This data platform assists companies in monitoring and ensuring compliance with industry regulations such as environmental standards, safety protocols, and data privacy laws. For instance, in the oil and gas industry, companies must comply with strict regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous waste materials. The platform provides up-to-date information on local and federal regulations, tracks regulatory changes, and enhancements, helping businesses stay compliant and avoid penalties.
  • Competitive Analysis: The database provides data about competitors, which companies can leverage to identify market gaps and growth opportunities. For example, a real estate company can utilize competitor data to develop strategies targeting underserved market segments or pinpoint areas with higher property demand.
  • Supply Chain Optimisation: The platform offers data on supplier performance, transportation metrics, and other crucial factors that can help streamline supply chain operations. A retail company, for instance, can use this data to find improvement areas, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency by optimizing inventory and reducing lead times.
  • Risk Management: The Small Business Database provides insights into the financial health and credit history of smaller firms, thereby aiding larger enterprises in mitigating risks associated with lending or working with these companies. For example, an insurance company can use creditworthiness data to make informed policy approval decisions and identify high-risk locations where policy pricing might need adjustment.
  • Loan Approvals: The database provides insights into small business loan histories, which can be a valuable tool for larger firms making financing decisions. A bank, for example, can use loan history data to decide whether a small business is a viable candidate for a loan and identify areas where it might need further assistance for growth.
  • Fraud Detection: The Small Business Database can be utilized to detect potential fraud cases by providing data on smaller firms flagged for fraudulent activities. For instance, a credit card provider can use fraud detection data to identify transactions that deviate from a small business’s regular spending pattern, flagging them for further investigation.


The small business database, provided by this notable data technology company, is transforming business analytics by offering affordable access to essential data and insights about small US businesses. Businesses can unlock new growth opportunities, streamline their operations, and stay a step ahead of competitors by leveraging the database’s advanced features and capabilities.

Additionally, the database offers robust security measures, ensuring the protection of critical data and offering organizations peace of mind. Firms can utilize this small business database to improve their operations, boost their bottom line, and make data-driven decisions that spur progress.

On the whole, this small-business database serves as an invaluable resource that allows organizations to make smarter choices and seize new growth opportunities. As companies face new challenges and opportunities, access to valuable data and insights will become increasingly crucial, and this database is ideally positioned to support them in their journey to prosperity.

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