Dr Donald Cline Still Married {May} Explore Answer Here!

This post on Dr Donald Cline Still Married will give you details on the marital status of Dr Donald Cline.

Have you seen the latest launched Netflix documentary based on Dr Cline? It is an interesting documentary based on true events. People from Canada and the United States have showered so much love since its launch. People want to know if Dr Donald Cline Still Married.

So, this post will include the story of this doctor who has inseminated many women. Kindly read this interesting story and also know about the marital status of Dr Donald.

Why are people talking about Dr Donald’s marital status?

Dr Donald Cline is a protagonist in the latest Netflix Documentary, Our Father, which was released on 11th May 2022. If you have watched this documentary, the details on his wife Susie have been revealed, and it is also highlighted that he had inseminated his own wife. No media has covered his current marital status. So, we cannot confirm if he is still married or not.

Is Dr Donald Cline Still Married?

In the latest Netflix documentary, it is shown that Dr Cline was married to Susie. It was revealed in the film that Susie also got fertility treatment from Donald, making her pregnant. She believed it to be an infidelity act. She didn’t know about this, but when she came to know about her husband, Donald claimed that searching for the past would ruin their married life.

It is still unknown if Dr Donald is still married to Susie. So, we cannot assume on our own if he is still married to Susie. Thus, this section will tell you if Dr Donald Cline Still Married.

How many children does Dr Cline have?

Dr Cline had inseminated many women without their consent who had come to him for fertility treatment. According to the story shown in the documentary, Donald and Susie had two children named Doug and Donna. His other biological children are numbered to be 94.

Was he jailed?

Dr Cline was charged $500 as a penalty, a couple of level 6 felonies, and revoking their medical licence. However, he had never gone to jail for this crime, as in Indiana Law, no law has been made for such crime. The act is treated as offensive. According to Dr Donald Cline Still Married, he was charged with fines and penalties. But had never been to jail. If you want to know everything about this documentary, kindly watch it on Netflix.


Summing up this post, we have informed the readers about the marital status of Cline and also his children. This post will help you get an idea of the documentary Our Father and its story. This is an interesting documentary based on the true events of Dr Donald and how he inseminated many women who came for fertility treatment. Please check this link to know more updates on Our Father.  

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