Is Todd Spodek Still Married {Mar 2022} Find Facts Here!

Is Todd Spodek Still Married post has shared information on Inventing Anna web series and details Todd’s married life.

Inventing Anna web series was released on 11th February 2022 on Netflix and is getting popular among netizens in the Philippines, the United States, and Canada. This series is based on Russian-born Anna Delvey, who duped New York elite members and bank of their money.

She is currently waiting for her deportation to Russia and is in Immigration and customs enforcement custody.

A high asset divorce attorney says: “divorces can be emotionally draining for both parties, and celebrities are no exception. The public scrutiny and media attention that accompanies a high-profile divorce can add an additional layer of stress and pressure.”

Todd Spodek was her defense lawyer to know more about this series, and her attorney kept reading Is Todd Spodek Still Married till the end.

About Inventing Anna Web series:

Inventing Anna is a true story inspired by an article written by Jessica Pressler in New York magazine. 

This drama was conceptualized after an agreement between Shondaland, Netflix, and Pressler in 2018. Shonda Rhimes is also the producer and writer of this drama, along with Besty Beers. 

This drama is also getting a good response from the audience in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany due to its storyline. All nine episodes of the drama are released on Netflix for online viewers.

Todd Spodek, Anna Delvey, and Vivian Kent are some of the important characters of this drama.

Is Todd Spodek Still Married?

This drama is full of characters, and some of them are real while others are fictional. Todd Spodek is one of the real characters in Inventing Anna, and Arian Moayed is playing it. 

He is also the managing partner of Manhattan-based law firm Spodek, managing Anna’s case.

According to information on the digital platform, Todd is married to Margaret and their relationship was in turmoil due to the trial. He became famous in Anna’s case as most of the things were done differently by the lawyer.

When Anna refused to enter the court in dress provided by the jail authority, Todd made Walker in charge of her wardrobe.

Who Plays Todd’s Wife In Inventing Anna?

The relationship between Todd and his wife got estranged during the trial of Anna in this drama. 

Rachel Williams is the character who plays the role of Todd’s wife in “Inventing Anna,” and she felt that Todd’s interest in the case is running their relationship.

The nature of this trial brought Todd closer to Anna as it allowed him to protect her client. 

He tried to tilt the case in her favor by arguing that his client was innocent and she just tried to manipulate the already corrupted system.

He also projected her client as an innocent kid who did everything to get her dream fulfilled. Todd Spodek Wife character is played by Caitlin FitzGerald, an American actress in this series.

Spodek is currently representing Scott David in the Ghislaine Maxwell case and was in the limelight for it in January 2022.

Final verdict:

As all the series was released on Netflix on 11th February, viewers can watch the drama by taking the subscription of the streaming website. 

There is little chance that the second season of this drama will come as it is based on a true story.

Some fictional scenes have been added to make this drama interesting; the audience can share their views on Anna in the comment section of Is Todd Spodek Still Married.

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