Dave Chappelle On Will Smith {April} Get The Real Info!

In the given article, we are discussing the thoughts and views of Dave Chappelle on Will Smith regarding the Will Smith recent controversy.

You might have heard of the recent controversy between Will Smith and Chris Rock. But, do you know what other superstars are saying about this scenario of Will Smith? This recent controversy is wildly trending on every social media handle. 

There have been vast posts from people around the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. People are tweeting their views regarding this controversy. Most people are waiting for views of Dave Chappelle on Will Smith. The media are looking for some sensational news to cover up.

What is getting Dave Chappelle on-trend? 

In this recent controversy, various people have their different views. Also, the media are focusing on gathering some more controversy and headlines by getting the views of some celebs. Therefore, people and celebrities are getting gossiping about this news worldwide. 

The reporters also catch Dave Chappelle. Newspersons and the public are eager to question him about the controversy, but Dave Chappelle does want to share words, and he remains quiet and walks off.

Dave Chappelle Comments on Will Smith.

Dave Chappelle was asked many questions regarding the Will Smith controversy in a recent face with the media. But he did not want to fall into this controversy and did not say anything and remained silent.

But fans are getting some ideas like if it were Dave instead of Chris Rock, he wouldn’t have taken that smack on the face. Instead, Dave furiously insults him and gives him what Will Smith deserves if Will does the same with Dave. It seems like something that happened twenty years ago with JA Rules is repeating itself now. 

Dave Chappelle on Will Smith shocked everyone.

Dave remained quiet on this controversy and shocked everyone. So why didn’t he say anything? So now, newspersons are making their point of view about what Dave would have done to Will if Will slapped Dave.

JA Rule shared his words on this controversy on his Twitter handle that “this is a season of slapping and prophecy is still carrying on.” A similar incident took place 20 years ago on an MTV show where Dave made fun of JA rule, and he did the same thing that happened to Oscar. People were asking about Dave Chappelle Comments on Will Smith, which are still unclear.

People are eager to grab comments from Dave. Unfortunately, it is unrevealed, and we will get you a note about it in the future,

All the data collected to write this post are on relevant details and grabbed from the knowledge provided on the web.


Dave Chappelle’s silence on Will Smith’s slap made reporters scream aloud. So now people are making their views and thoughts about this situation.

Also, you would like to say whether this controversy is staged or real. Give your review below. Did you find everything you want to know about Dave Chappelle on Will Smith? Do check the given link for more info of Dave Chappelle  

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