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Are you aware of the tragic death news of Buster Welch, legendary horse trainer? Do you want to know his achievements and about his personal life? Then, you are at the right site to learn about the legendary life of the cowboy, Buster Welch. Read the below-written article to grab the complete information.

Buster Welch is famous for his horse-cutting skills and appearance as a cowboy for his fans in the United States. People are busy scrolling on the internet to learn about his greatness and news about Buster Welch Obituary.

Buster Welch family

The tragic news of well adorable cutting horse trainer Buster Welch has left a great depression on the fans and his family members. Buster was born in 1928 in Sterling city, Texas and got settled in Rotan, Texas. The loss of Buster is irreplaceable in the horse training profession. He left the world on 12 June 2022. Fans are sad to hear his obituary news on Sunday. No details regarding the cause of death is found yet.

Buster Welch was married to Shelia Dolin. The Welch family succeeded with children Greg, Georgia, Ruth and Ken Welch. They have two stepchildren, Dolin Morris and Nina Finley, and more grandchildren in their family life. Netizens are eager to know Buster Welch Children.

Buster Welch

Buster Welch left the world at the age of 94. He was passionate about training the wild horses and riding on the ranch with a cowboy appearance. His passion and dedication bought him several championship titles.

Buster showed excellence in winning the NCHA World Championship 4 times, in which two titles won in two consecutive years and the NCHA World Championship Futurity 5 times. He earned fame for taming some stubborn wild horses and riding them on the ranch on a winning track. He was a great inspiration to all the horse rider’s world.

Buster Welch Obituary

People post their love and condolence to the Buster family on Twitter and social networks. Buster’s soulmate, Shelina Dolin, was a famous horse trainer and won several titles. She expired in the year 2014.

Buster Welch hasn’t got a proper childhood. He lost his mother early and spent his childhood with his parents. Buster ran away from school several times to the horse training yard. However, soon he learned the art of taming the horse. Buster Welch started working in his passionate profession at age 13.

Fans are sad to hear Buster Welch Obituary news on Sunday. His family members did not yet reveal the cause of Buster’s death. Let us learn some of his expertise on several horses.

Buster Welch and his horses

Buster Welch won his first NCHA World Championship Futurity in 1962 with Money’s Glo, the horse. In the consecutive year, he won the title with his horse, Chickasha Glo. Marion’s girl was the horse that earned him two NCHA world championships in 1954 and 1956. In 1966, he rode on Rey Jay Pete, winning when riding on Dry Doc in 1971.

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