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Did you hear about the Al Yankovic story? Many of the performers that “Weird” Al Yankovic has imitated already and have their biopics made or are now in development, including Freddie Mercury, James Brown, and Madonna. The biopic is famous in the United States, and people are curious about it. Weird, a film about Al’s journey to widespread ubiquity, is a spoof of biopics. It only makes sense that the musical crazy himself is now receiving his origin narrative. You can read below to know more about Madonna and Al Yankovic.

What is Weird: The Al Yankovic Story?

Yankovic and filmmaker Eric Appel collaborated on the screenplay, while Daniel Radcliffe starts wearing a tight-curled wig to portray the accordion-playing eccentric. The first official trailer’s meta-content highlights the origin of the musician’s most well-known song. One of the cornerstones had nearly made rock-and-roll in everyone personal life.

How unsupportive his parents were of him! Drug use! The fact that most of this never occurred to Yankovic makes it even more “strange.” The road to Weird being a genuine movie is long and tortuous.

Yankovic Weird Al Story

Quinta Brunson plays Oprah Winfrey in Weird, Julianne Nicholson plays Al Yankovic’s mom, Rainn Wilson plays novelty-record radio Personality Dr. Demento, and Evan Rachel Wood plays Madonna—who, unlike in the film, actually didn’t tempt Al and drag him to the darkness. 

The false trailer that Appel and Funny or Die made in 2010 had Olivia Wilde as Madonna and Aaron Paul as Weird Al Yankovic (a fine pick, but not quite as flawless as Radcliffe). The new teaser for the upcoming full-length film presents a slicker, cunninger approach, while the previous video was more of an obvious spoof of rise-and-fall dramatic music period pieces. Now you know about Madonna and Al Yankovic.

What was there in the teaser?

In the latest Weird teaser, we see markers like Radcliffe, sporting Yankovic’s trademark moustache and curly hair, getting the idea for his first parody while preparing lunch with certain bologna and hearing the Knack’s “My Sharona” on the radio. We see a time-lapse of the entire rise or fall and return arc of the film (Madonna leads him away from his band and toward alcohol, but after reaching his lowest point, Dr. Demento informs him of who he is), but that’s not a spoiler for the biopic as all films have the same trajectory like Yankovic Weird Al Story.

The most exciting aspect of the teaser is Radcliffe, who, at the age of 33, keeps taking on unusual parts that take him far from the big movies where he got his start as a child actor.

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Wrapping up on the post, the official launch of Weird via The Roku Channel is scheduled on November 4 after its grand opening at the Toronto International Film Festival. Now you know everything about Madonna and Al Yankovic.

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