Aruba Boating Accident March 2022: Latest News!

The article will discuss the recent update on Aruba Boating Accident March 2022. Read the article to know more in brief.

Do you know about the recent boat accident in Aruba? In this tragic accident, many people died. But the recent update is that the local police found a teenage body on Tuesday. Many people felt terrible after the accident. 

People in Aruba and Canada still feel lousy today because of the accident. The incident took the life of many boaters. Today, we will briefly discuss the Aruba Boating Accident in March 2022

What is the Recent Update? 

The local authority found a teenage body last Tuesday. The body has been missing since last January. The administration also claimed the girl from Virginia was missing for the previous three months after the accident. 

At last, after three months of the rescue operation, police found the body from Chincoteague Bay. On Tuesday, the rescue operation reached the area with local police. The rescue team searched many places to find the body on the site. Even police already recorded a missing diary after the accident. 

Aruba Accident 13 Year Old

The recent body searching operation discloses much new information. After the rescue operation, the local police authority, especially the Head of the Police force, issued a statement that a13 years old girl’s body was also found in the area. The 13 years old girl is a citizen of the United States

After the body rescue operation had been done, the doctors examined the teen girl’s body. The body check-up was done around 5.29 pm (local time). As per the local authority, they are arranging the funeral ceremony with the help of the funeral workers. 

Aruba Boating Accident March 2022

The incident shocks the many people of the city. The accident boat was 16 feet in length. After the incident, the four teenagers have faced the consequences. The search team rescued two members of the ship. The team also searched for others but found no clue.  

However, a 19-year boy and 17 year old were taken to the hospital after the rescue from water. The coast guard also found another 18-year-old body from Bentonville. Besides this, the Marine Police of Virginia also organized an investigation on the incident. At last, the rescue team found the body of a 13 Year Old Dies in Aruba

Why is the News Circulating? 

The incident had significant effects. The accident news was covered and published by many media houses. 

The report was also published and circulated on the social media platform. Besides this, the local authority found the missing body on Tuesday. Due to this reason, the news is spreading all over the media. 


The police still have not identified the details of the found body. The medical team had already done the examination to find out the identification of the body. But there is no update. As the boat accident took place in January. 

Aruba Boating Accident March 2022 update comes just on Tuesday. Police found the missing body and started a new investigation. Therefore, you can also check the other information by checking the linkWhat is your opinion on the recent update? Share your view

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