Aplitutos Com Whatsapp {Nov} Check Latest Version Here!

Read detailed reviews on Aplitutos com Whatsapp to know its features and the authenticity of a third-party application with new features.

Are you looking to get Whatsapp application with additional features like existing inbuilt themes and more? Did you know that Whatsapp is not an open-source project? But, third-party developers have come up with several versions of Whatsapp in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru

So, would you like to know where to obtain an unofficial version of Whatsapp, including exciting new features? Then, let’s check all the facts about Aplitutos com Whatsapp.

About Whatsapp plus:

Note: we do not support or promote installing unofficial third-party versions of any application. The details provided in this write-up is for information purpose only.

Aplitutos is a third-party developer that has come up with several versions of Whatsapp in the past few years. Aplitutos released the latest version of their Whatsapp application on 23rd July 2022. The new version is popularly known as gbwhatsapp pro v14.00, Whatsapp Plus v2022, or Aplitutos Whatsapp.

It must be noted that Whatsapp is not an open-source application that allows developers (or) Aaplitutos Com to make changes to the application. Many applications, such as google chrome, allow users to customize the application as per their needs. However, Whatsapp is a standard application officially published by WhatsApp Inc.

Meta overtook Whatsapp recently. Hence, any third-party version of Whatsapp may be insecure. Aplitutos Whatsapp was released with many exciting features that allow users to customize Whatsapp. Such features include aeroplane mode inbuilt in Whatsapp, allowing users to receive calls and messages only on their cellular network and allowing Whatsapp VoIP and IM to go offline.

The Aplitutos Com Whatsapp Plus also features customized themes and menu options to appear on the bottom right-hand side instead of the upper right-hand side. With this feature, the option to search messages and mark them as read also shifted at the bottom of the application.

About whatsappgn.com: 

Aplitutos Whatsapp is available for importing from whatsappgn.com. It scored 37% on threat and phishing profiles and 14% on malware profiles. Hence, the website is unsafe for personal and payment data. Whatsappgn.com gained an average Alexa Ranking of 539,871. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 70 days.

Legitimacy of Aplitutos com Whatsapp:

Whatsappgn.com gained a below-average business ranking of 48.5%. Whatsappgn.com is one year and 192 days old website launched on 16th January 2021 and expires on 16th January 2023. Whatsappgn.com has a terrible trust score of 8%. Whatsappgn.com was registered in Canada. However, the contact and identity of its owners are censored. 


Many users who prefer using customized third-party applications are interested in Aplitutos Whatsapp. The announcement about the latest Aplitutos Whatsapp is also featured on social media sites like Facebook, and the application is also available for importing from several other third-party websites. As Whatsapp is not an open-source application, importing Aplitutos com Whatsapp from third-party developers and websites may be unsafe and may be Phishing attempt.

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