What Did Kathy Say About Kyle {April} Know Her Remarks!

This post on What Did Kathy Say About Kyle will give you detailed information on the relationship between Kathy and Kyle.

Film Industry is full of controversies. Every second actor or actress is involved in drama, fights, and many other things. Have you heard about Kathy and Kyle? They both have been in controversy for a long time, and people Worldwide want to know what happened between both the sisters. What Did Kathy Say About Kyle

This post will explain all the details of the controversy between Kathy and Kyle. So, kindly read this write-up.

Why are the blood-sisters in controversy?

Kathy and Kyle are born to the same parents, and people are curious to know what happened between them? Some of you might know that they are not on good terms and avoid each other on many occasions. Recently, Kathy has said something about Kyle in an interview. So, this post will explain to you everything about her explanation of Kyle. Kindly stay in touch with us until the end to know What Did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyle Richards?

Kathy on ET

Recently, Kathy made some remarks about Kyle. But it is unknown whether she was indirectly hinting at her remarks towards Kyle. Kathy on ET said that they had a good time, and when some people are together, they have a good time, and there could be little drama too. Is she pointing towards Kyle? All hints indicate that Kathy was talking about Kyle. Even after making this statement, she said that she was not hinting at any cast members. She added that she did not know if there were any, but she is not. These words point towards Kyle. 

More details on What Did Kathy Say About Kyle

Kyle and Kathy have been seen avoiding each other at family get-togethers. Recently, Kyle even missed Kathy’s birthday party on March 16. She excused herself by saying that she was busy in filming. Later, Kyle’s daughter shared a video of a family get-together where she enjoyed the moment. Kyle Richards has said that Kathy has bad-mouthed her supposedly. Lisa has been mediating between the two sisters in a show where Kyle was crying. She was seen asking if Kathy hated or anything else. On the other hand, Kathy said, “Kyle, Kyle, Kyle”, to Richards.

Other Feuds 

According to reports on What Did Kathy Say About Kyle, we have encountered other feuds between Kyle and Kathy. In 2015, they quarreled on a television show where Kathy involved her lawyers. In 2010, Kathy’s husband had not made Kyle’s husband his partner in the real estate business.


Summing up this post here, we have learned about the rocky relationship between Kathy and Kyle. The two sisters are not on good terms, which can be concluded through their controversial conversation. Please go through this link to know details on Kathy and Kyle Feud.

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