Antarctica’s Robot Explorer {April} Find Its Objective!

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Hello, readers; In this article, we are going to discuss a very exciting topic related to science and technology.  Dear readers, Are you aware of  Antarctica’s Robot Explorer? The world is talking about this because of its unique submarine analysis skills.

As the name suggests, the Robot will reveal secret and unique things about Antarctica. The robot has been named after Dr. Suess the Lorax, which is why it is being discussed Worldwide. It will analyse the region of Antarctic sleetplate.

What is Explorer Robot –

They are the Robots that go to the places where human existence is impossible or humans cannot visit there due to unusual temperatures, such as deeper underwater in the oceans or caves. 

The Antarctica Robot Explorer

There are so many robots in the world, with different names, such as Robot Antarctica. The name for this Robot is LORAX. It is developed by the Carnegie Mellon Institute with the help of NASA. 

The main Objective of LORAX –

It is created to judge the life span of ice sheets in the Antarctic region. This is the new method to explore glaciers in Antarctica. However, it will not be possible to see the active highlights across the sheets in the Antracia region with this Robot. It will show the up to 10cm present microbes in Sheet. 

Brief about Antarctica’s Robot Explorer

This will answer the questions related to Antriatcia. It has extortionary capacities. It will work on sustainable policy with complete marine sovereignty. This withdrawal system will allow the robot to get into a safe mode if required. The goal is simple and clear: the robot shall work for a month without any human interference. 

There is the drift that will help in running this robot explorer. Dr. Suess warned us years ago about the dangerous impacts of climate change, but we didn’t pay much attention to his words. Now, on his 50th anniversary, Antarctica’s Robot Explorer LORAX is out. In short, we can say that this is a talkative robot that will help us in analysing the climate change in the region of Antarctica. This way we can improve our climate. 


Q.1 Can Robot Explorer be used to save humans from drowning?

A.1 Yes, they usually rescue people when an unforeseeable circumstance occurs.  For example, a person is unable to come out of deep water or a cave. 

Q.2 What is the cost of Robot Explorer?

A.2 The cost of these Robots is around 74,500 US dollars, excluding tax. 

The Final Verdict – 

The Robot is going to be super helpful in improving the condition of the climate by providing useful information to humans. To fetch related information, click this link on Antarctica’s Robot Explorer.

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