Airbnb Ukraine Scam (March 2022) What You Should Know?

Read the following article to get complete details about Airbnb Ukraine Scam and associated issues.

Are you worried about different scams taking place worldwide? Are you also worried about the Ukraine-Russia war and want to contribute to Ukrainian war efforts? Finally, are you searching for legit routes to contribute towards war efforts? If the answer to all these is Yes, read below.

There have been several routes to channel the fund to Ukrainian war efforts against Russia. The most recent is through Airbnb operations, but the question is whether it is Airbnb Ukraine Scam or not. Considering the willingness of citizens of the United States, it has become an important question. So, read more.

About Airbnb

It is an American firm primarily involved in providing lodging activities to its customers. Its principal activities include the rental of homestays during vacation and tourism activities. It is a broker of these homestays and does not own these listed properties. It operates in mainly online mode via a website and mobile apps.

Before knowing Airbnb Ukraine Scam, you must know the issue associated with it.

Issues Associated With Airbnb in Ukraine War

The CEO of Airbnb has joined the western nations in support of Ukrainian war efforts against Russia and suspended all operations in Russia and Belarus.

Earlier, the Airbnb CEO also said they are offering around 100000 short term housing for refugees fleeing Ukraine invaded by Russia. This resulted in people converging with Airbnb to support Ukrainian war efforts.

Airbnb Ukraine Scam

People started using Airbnb to channel their funds to Ukrainian war efforts. People started booking Airbnb rentals in the hardest-hit areas of Ukraine to send cash quickly to the country. In response, Airbnb also exempted the guests and the hosts’ fee on the rental fee so that the rental fees go directly to Ukrainian hosts.

The channel started after one of the individuals in Irpin city booked the rentals and promised to contribute to the Ukrainian war efforts and use the rental apartment for housing the war-hit people in the town.

But some people have also cautioned about possible Russian scammers using the noble intention for the Airbnb Ukraine Scam.

Peoples’ Reactions

  • A resident of Dallas booked the rentals without the intention of staying.
  • One of the users on Twitter said that he had booked the rental to Keiv without the intention of ever going there.
  • One of the individuals from Ireland came to know about this through Instagram, and she donated a couple of euros by booking through Airbnb.
  • One of the citizens of Spain received the message of thanks for her contribution through booking.
  • However, an assistant research professor cautioned about who is receiving the money as there are all these scams during disasters, pandemics, etc.

The Final Verdict

The donation through Airbnb maybe something like Airbnb Ukraine Scam as we don’t know who is receiving the money. However, it may be a true and noble effort as Airbnb have shared the tweet regarding many donations through their platform.

Be cautious while donating and carry it at your own risk. You can also look for methods to avoid other online scams.

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2 thoughts on “Airbnb Ukraine Scam (March 2022) What You Should Know?

  • March 6, 2022 at 8:34 pm

    Donating money through a reputable charitable organization (UNICeF, Red Cross, Mennonite Central Committee) is far more reliable than through a potential scam operation. As noted in the article, you have no way of knowing where your money will go, whereas through a known organization, except for admin fees, the money will go to support the Ukraine.

    • March 11, 2022 at 2:11 am

      Hello Donna Robinson! Thank you for expressing your thoughts. Stay Safe! Stay Connected! Thanks & Regards


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