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Please review our guest posting guidelines before submitting your Write for Us Travel content. To get more updates, stay tuned with us and keep reading our blog.

Do you want to write your blog about travel? Are you a professional travel writer? Do you intend to write and publish a travel-related article? You don’t know the best platform to publish your travel post. Then, it is the best platform to publish your travel article. 

So, read the guidelines for submitting a guest post to Write for Us Travel below, and publish your article as necessary! You need thorough study and information that can inform and entice readers if you want to write a worthwhile article.

About team info@red-redial.net-

Red-redial.net is a digital platform that covers the latest travel-related articles for readers from around the entire globe. Offering the latest news on travel offers a way for people to link with each other. Its main motto is to provide the latest and trendy details about travel news which can benefit our readers. The platform values genuine and informative content that can educate readers.

Thanks to the platform’s extensive research staff, our readers receive only the most recent and reliable news. Please read the rules before joining us to write a piece on our platform.

Write for Us + Travel– Instructions for Submission-

  • Your article should be about vacations, destinations, seasonal or theme travel.
  • There must be at least 800 words in the article’s body.
  • Your content should be original.
  • The title must be connected to the main keyword.
  • Include additional keywords in Headings 2 and 3.
  • This platform accepts original articles without copy-paste and strictly follows google guidelines.
  • Abusive content and copyright-related articles are not welcome on this platform. 
  • Only one link was permitted in the body of the article, including the author’s resource.
  • Once an article is published, websites will not take it down.
  • There shouldn’t be any grammar mistakes.
  • Include the article’s source and any relevant links.
  • The subheadings and headings ought to encourage visitors.

What are the advantages of travel write for us guest posts?

There is no denying the many benefits of being a travel writer, including these-

  • If you are a traveling writer, you can set your schedule per your comfort zone.
  • You can work from anywhere.
  • You can create a new audience and enhance website traffic by offering travel benefits.
  • Adding interesting places in your write-up can increase your readers, which will help you get more attention as a travel writer.
  • Travel writers sometimes pay by travel expenses, a perk for travel writers.
  • You can create awareness about travel by introducing new places and ideas.
  • You can meet new people while working on the travel articles, increasing your contact.

Which is the trending topic on Write for Us Travel?

  • How to pack only essential things while you are going to travel?
  • You should check travel insurance options before going for a travel vacation.
  • You can save money on travel, tickets, hotels, etc.
  • How can you buy cheap travel tickets?
  • Need to keep remembering a few things while you are traveling.
  • How can you tackle jet lag during your travel?
  • How can you travel through connecting flights?
  • How can you make your travel comfortable?
  • Top travel destination with an affordable budget.
  • If you travel to any particular city, you should be aware of city culture.
  • Best foods you can opt for while traveling.

How to contact us for a guest post on Write for Us Travel.

Pick a subject from the list below if you want to publish your original educational content with us. Now, use our guidelines to write content that is both educational and simple to understand. The article should be up to mark as per our guidelines. Send your essay to info@red-redial.net, which is our email address.

Our expert team will review your article to ensure it meets all requirements. Our team will contact you as a result, and after that, you can continue to send us editorials.


The opportunity to post a piece on Write for Us Travel has been provided, so we’ve covered all the specifics. The article contains all details that will educate our readers. Email the specified email address if you have any questions, and our potential group will contact you.

We’ve provided a link to inform you about rising travel benefits. Web resources are available to the writer. 

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