4 Big Reasons Why Great Salespeople Often Fail as Managers

To work in the sales world, you need to have that “je ne sais quoi.” Not everyone is cut out to be a salesperson. In many cases, you’ve either got it, or you haven’t. Even if you’re full of confidence and can talk the talk and get people to buy into products or services, when it comes to helping others do the same thing, that’s a whole other story!

You see, there are some significant reasons why the best salespeople in the industry often don’t cut the mustard when they step into managerial roles. Here are a few of them.

The Required Strengths are Different

Someone’s ability to sell a service or product is an entirely different skill set compared to training, managing, and inspiring others to sell. A former salesperson will likely have lots of product knowledge and a brilliant insight into the sales process. 

However, sales leaders must also deal with many other concerns, like inspiring their sales reps to work hard and keeping everyone in order. Some salespeople can rise to the top and do precisely that, while others have difficulty adapting to their new duties. 

There are also mundane administrative tasks that sales managers must perform, which some salespeople may find tedious and be itching to get back out on the shop floor! You must also have compassion for your team and put yourself in their shoes, which some people find difficult.

They Have Less Control

One key advantage of being a salesperson is your freedom and control over your destiny. When selling a product or service, the only concern you’ve got is closing as many deals as you can. 

You’re the one in control of your actions, and you haven’t got to worry about anyone else on the team except your prospects. However, when becoming a sales manager, you no longer have this luxury, as you have to support others and yourself. 

Their Way Won’t Automatically Work for Others

The most challenging thing to replicate is someone else’s successful sales process. This is because so much of it is determined by personal style. What will work for one sales team member won’t necessarily be suitable for the next. 

Those who go into management may think their way of selling is the only way. Unfortunately, some sales managers cannot see the bigger picture and don’t realize that everyone has different techniques and talents. 

Ultimately, this is why some salespeople fail in managerial positions. One remedy is to look at training courses, from a provider like ZandaX, who offer online training in sales management for existing and aspiring sales managers. Their programs teach you the ins and outs of the area, which can increase your chances of success.

They Try to Step in and Help Rather Than Teach

One difficult adjustment sales reps need to make is getting into teaching mode and leaving all the practical stuff behind. In too many cases, new sales managers try to step in and help rather than teach their team how to do a particular task. It’s even more tricky for sales reps who have built strong friendships with others on the team and now find they’ve got to manage them.

The sales industry has its fair share of fantastic managers and high-performing salespeople. In many cases, the latter gets promoted up the ranks into management. 

But unfortunately, some of the best salespeople simply don’t have what it takes to lead a team, and that’s ok!

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