Write For Us Cannabis – Read And Follow Instruction!

Read exclusive details on how to Write for Us Cannabis posts on red-redial.net. Also, learn guidelines and the submission details.

Cannabis is known for its goodness in various health conditions. Several people suffering from different types of body pains access write-ups on natural herbs, including legal hemp medication. 

Do you have knowledge about legal cannabis? Do you know how to use them safely? Do you know its ill effects? Would you like to write a guest post for red-redial.net? Then, please check the below guidelines on Write for Us Cannabis.

About red-redial.net:

Red-redial.net is a global knowledge-based and commercial platform publishing articles on the latest news and trends, business and finance, fitness and beauty, website and product reviews, Etc.

Red-redial.net is focused on providing information about natural health remedies by analyzing the requirements of our readers. Red-redial.net does not supports (or) promote any type of illegal cannabis. Hence, we allow writers to publish write-ups on legal cannabis only.

Skill sets of a writer:

  • The writer should know the correct and safe procedure for using cannabis,
  • Good knowledge about cannabis products and their combinations is a must for cannabis write for us,
  • He should be aware of the harmful effects of cannabis,
  • They must be able to analyze the requirement of red-redial.net’s readers,
  • Excellent written communication skills are required, and
  • Independently research skills to analyze any topic related to cannabis are necessary.


  • We do not require certification in studies related to medical cannabis. 
  • A physician authorized to practice (or) prescribe medical cannabis is desirable, (or) 
  • You should have experience in working under such certified physician
  • An experience as a blogger, article (or) guest post writer.

General guidelines for Write for Us + Cannabis:

  • Cannabis write-up should only focus on topics related to cannabis.
  • The cannabis guest post should include an introduction, two non-copyrighted images, social media links, FAQs, a conclusion, how the cannabis works, short and long-term effects, health trends, the process of buying, and a link to the source of information.
  • The write-up must reach the word limit of 800 to 1,500 words.

SEO norms:

  • Avoid offensive words, grammatical errors, redundancy, plagiarism, repetitive details, and commercial links.
  • Headings, bullet points, and subheads must be incorporated for organizing the article.
  • A high readability score in Write for Us Cannabis post, one do-followup link, and including accurate numeric figures and facts, are necessary.
  • The cannabis guest post should be in an active voice.
  • Place the keywords in the cannabis write-up at the correct density and consistently.

Topics for cannabis guest posts:

  • Different types of legal cannabis.
  • Scientific studies and research related to cannabis.
  • Legal cannabis for making recipes.
  • Legal cannabis for pain relief and various treatments.
  • Legal cannabis companies and firms manufacturing legal cannabis.
  • The ingredients, quotations, and prices of legal cannabis products.
  • Comparison and differences of different cannabis.
  • Positive and negative effects of cannabis.
  • Cannabis write for us on advantages and disadvantages of cannabis.
  • Long-term and short-term effects on human health.
  • Cannabis addiction.
  • In-depth reviews, scientific studies, and trials about cannabis.
  • Effect of cannabis on different species and pet animals.


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Write for Us + Cannabis

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Advantages of writing for us:

  • Build your internet presence and network,
  • Get more viewership and global reach,
  • Get new opportunities,
  • Red-redial.net takes your write-up to the next level, and
  • Develop long-term customer relationships with our audience.

Submitting your write-ups for review and publication:

  • Please submit your cannabis guest posts at info@red-redial.net


Please note that your Write for Us Cannabis article must incorporate all safety measures for accessing and administering specified cannabis. Red-redial.net editorial group reserves the right to modify or remove unnecessary content from guest posts. The red-redial editorial team will contact you before publishing your article. Once your write-up is approved, it cannot be submitted on any other website. 

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