7 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas: Know Here!

Whew! We finally made it to the end of 2022! And tons of colorful Christmas decorations adorn every corner of your house. The only trouble of the day is your sneaky cat hunting for those brand-new Christmas balls and being randomly warned by your loud “shoo!” Even though we will be caught up in a Christmas frenzy for at least a week still, what happens after that?

Well, we all want to prolong that winter wonder till spring. But how do you transition from post-Christmas until spring in your decor? As soon as the festive days end, sweep away all Christmas decor, leaving room for seasonal cozy embellishments, such as soft chair covers, white textiles, candles, and wreaths to keep the winter spirit rolling till the spring thaw! To help you keep that cozy and inviting home all winter long, follow these simple interior design tips and tricks. 

Use a Winter Color Scheme

Since the winter season is still on, the key to keeping that winter vibe is by preserving its colors in your interior. These are winter white, light blue, or bright silver, and anything you can google on ‘winter color palettes for design’. The trick is that you don’t need to stick to one color or texture only — you can mix two or three winter hues or textiles harmoniously without much effort.

Your main goal is to mimic how the outside world looks indoors. Consider white faux fur pillows, candles, frosted pinecones, or even fresh white flowers! To add some silver to your palette make use of vintage silver vases, bowls, candlesticks, and all sorts of vignettes. Natural winter landscapes are impossible without accent colors such as green and brighter blue. The latter is great to imitate with faux greenery and ice-blue glass decor. 

Bring the Evergreens In

Follow the principle of bringing more of the outdoors in. Use the Christmas decor you already own, like pinecones with a bit of faux snow! Pinecones are a great option as they linger in nature from late fall till early spring, hence will totally do to keep your winter spirit up! Don’t rush to get rid of those little trees you’ve sprinkled for Christmas. These will stand for your indoor snow-covered winter forest. 

Strip your Christmas garlands down from glittery berries, ribbons, and other sparkling decorative elements to make them look natural. The same is applicable to Christmas wreaths. Without extra decor, these could be perfectly laid on the dining table as a winter centerpiece. Ah! And don’t overlook green plants and other organics to add up some freshness to your winter interior. Regardless of the season, white roses are excellent in giving more life to your home while being such an eye-pleaser! 

Make the Space Feel Cozy With Blankets and Pillows

Winter is a perfect time for snuggles and cozy stay-ins! There is nothing more inviting to snuggle down than warm textiles. Mix those you already have with the new ones matching your winter color palette. Think of fluffy faux fur chair covers or soft sofa throws. Complement these with blankets and pillows piled up all over the place. White pillows with pom poms are extra pleasant to the touch and will remind you of giant snowflakes or snow-capped mountains.

In case you are using pillows of the matching color, make sure they have different textures or patterns that would make them look like snow layers. Add blankets, pillows, or throw covers to your window sills to create cozy reading nooks. Pillows are great to pile up and sit on from both sides of your fireplace while gathering with friends and family for a little Monopoly time or Uno cards, you name it! 

Don’t Forget About Rugs!

Winter mesmerizes us with its vast undisturbed patches of snow beckoning both adults and children to make snow angels or at least to leave some footsteps on the pristine soft surface! Transfer this to your interior by adding large and small area rugs with their warmth and comfort. 

Rugs made of heavily textured materials such as natural fiber, sheepskin, and wool look great on hardwood floors and feel amazing underfoot. Area rugs are also great for lying down with a book or simply fooling around with kids and family over the fireplace.

For better resemblance, choose snow-white faux fur or light brown burlap rugs that mimic the cold snow outdoors while keeping you comfy and warm indoors. In case you have an old shaggy rug, don’t throw it away! Layer it over with smaller-haired sheepskin, knotted, or wool rugs for extra softness and aesthetics of course! 

Add More Light

Winter isn’t always about cheerful snowy views and sunny days. The major part of winter is more about bare trees, gloomy days, and a constant need for vitamin D. To help you overcome sun deprivation with ease, add more light to your room. Twinkle lights and candles are perfect helpers in this.

When the cozy Christmas lights are gone, stock up with flickering flames and scented wax candles to keep your spirits up no matter what the weatherman says. Consider using white and light blue candlesticks or silver candle holders to stick to your winter color scheme.

Add some soft and warm glow of lights to your greenery garlands and place them over your window sills, bookshelves, or your fireplace mantel. Scented candles on the dining table placed inside a green wreath will also add up some cheer to the room. Finally, you can always make use of accent lamps and battery-powered strands of lights. 

Decorate Your Fireplace

Since the fireplace is the focal point of any room by default, make use of this extra perk throughout the winter season. The easiest way to give your fireplace the shine you need without stressing much over logs and chimney dust is to decorate the mantel with flickering garlands, sprinkle candles, or even decorative mirrors to reflect more light.

If you are longing for a more minimalistic look for your mantel, lights and candles would be right enough. Those pursuing a more farmhouse aesthetic for this winter should paint their brick fireplaces white to create a rustic and country-style home feeling.

Make use of winter-inspired art and hang a single piece of art over the fireplace, or create a small gallery wall. Another great way to decorate your fireplace mantel is to add family pictures in white frames to give it a laid-back and free spirit shine of a boho-style room. White faux and fresh flowers in transparent glass vases also look charming. 

Keep It Simple

Stepping away from Christmas flamboyancy, strip down your festive decor and keep it simple for the rest of the winter. Let your house take a breather from all the extra decorations and resort to minimalistic embellishing. Pack away all the clutter decorations and focus on more functional decor.

Reduce your decor to three main categories: lighting, natural and functional accessories. Throw covers and pillows serve both as bedding accessories and decor, so make more use of these. Candles and garland lights are minimalistic and give your house that cozy glow that you still might be missing from Christmas time. As for the natural elements, imitate them with pine cones, house plants, wreaths, and fresh flowers.

Seems like you are fully ready to transition from Christmas to the rest of winter without worrying about post-holiday blues! With some of these tips and tricks, the gap between Christmas and spring will be passed with ease, comfort, and style. Take a look at your current Christmas decorations. Which of those could be transformed into more minimalistic winter decor? Make a shortlist and mentally pack everything that won’t serve you later! 

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