Wordle Unlimted {March} Explore Game Version, Features

Wordle Unlimted is another game in the series of Wordle craze that allows users to play without any limit. To know what NYT has to say about all these.

Are you madly in love with Wordle? So, do you want to play it every time? Or do you need any collection that allows you to play the previous Wordle? People across Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia are so obsessed with the game that they need more.

However, with the game’s popularity, many clones are available, and they don’t need to think much. But this might not be cool with The New York Times that acquired Wordle. So, what does it mean? We will discuss this in the Wordle Unlimted post.

Are clones of Wordle in trouble?

Wordle Archive that allows players to play all the previous puzzles displays a message. The message state that the game has been taken down on the instruction of NYT. Although the site has been discontinued, it is still playable through the Internet Archive. Upon asking, Ars Technica said, “it was unauthorized access, and we were in continuous touch with them and did not comment beyond that.”

However, what does this means to the spin-offs and clones is unclear. Moreover, it all depends on NYT whether they allow Wordle Unlimted games or how it preserves original Wordle.

What is Wordle Archive?

The Wordle Archive has a collection of previous puzzles, if you missed any. It is an open-source program by Devang Thakkar, who launched Wordle Archive in January. Soon Wordle Archive becomes popular with more than 100000 users on a daily basis. Also, it becomes the competitor website of the original game.

The New York Times invested an undisclosed amount in Wordle and had the right to restrict others from offering similar games. But Wordle Archive is not the only one that adds the feature to the original version, but Quordle, Duordle, Svordle, Wordle Unlimted are also there in the list. So, the question here is whether NYT can take action on all spin-offs and clones? No, they are mostly, if not entirely, safe.

About Wordle game:

Wordle is a fun, crazy brainstorming game that first launched in October 2021. However, after the game’s popularity, New York Times purchased it in an undisclosed amount. The basic idea behind the game is you have to keep guessing each day five-letter meaning word in six tries. However, the game window again refreshes the next day if you fail.

What is Wordle Unlimted?

Since the restriction of the original Wordle with one puzzle per day, many people have gone crazy and become addicted to the game. So, the Wordle alternatives fill the viral craze. And this game, in particular, allows users to keep guessing words with no limit

Moreover, the game has added features like setting the letter count from 4 to 11. In addition, players can also set the difficulty level from less weird to normal to more weird. On top of that, if you need particular help, it provides that too.


Wordle Unlimted has taken the craze of Wordle from playing one game each day to playing without a limit. However, it is worth trying not only this game but also Wordle Archive, Wordle Game, etc., is worth trying. If you want to know about Wordle, click here.

Do you find this post on Wordle alternative informative? If so, comment below if you like to play the Wordle game in which format.

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