Wordle Game Website Free {Feb} Find Its Migration Detail

Read about the latest Wordle Game Website Free migration and the website’s changes that signal that it is going behind the paywall.

Wordle Game Website had moved to The New York Times (NYT) website from 15th February 2022. Before the migration, Wordle was freely accessible in the United StatesCanada, the United KingdomIrelandAustralia, and Worldwide. However, after its migration, its users want to know if Wordle will take payment for accessing its puzzle games in the future.

Let us check the details of the latest announcement by NYT and the expectations in the future. Read about Wordle Game Website Free.

About Wordle:

Wordle is a popular website for quizzes and puzzles. Wordle was launched a few months ago. It became popular, and millions of users included it in their daily routine. 

The website holds puzzle games where gamers need to guess a five alphabet to make a word. Due to its immense popularity, Wordle was purchased by NYT. 

NYT announced that Wordle would remain a free-to-play website for the time being. Hence, the users doubt if they have to pay charges to access Wordle in the future.

How does theWordle Game Website Free work?

  • The puzzle comes up with three color tiles as you progress in the game:
  • If the alphabets you guessed are not present in the word then, the alphabets will turn gray in color.
  • The challenging part in Wordle is that you will have only six attempts, and the alphabets you are guessing should be in the correct sequence.
  • If the alphabets you guessed are present in the word but not in correct sequence then, the alphabets will turn yellow in color.
  • If the alphabets you guessed are present in the word and incorrect sequence then, the alphabets will turn green in color on Wordle Game Website Free.
  • If you want the puzzle to be more challenging, you can set the game on the hard mode by enabling it in the settings.
  • The hard mode will force you to reuse yellow and green tiles, which you may have ruled out while guessing the word and its sequence.

What are the changes after its migration:

After Wordle moved to the NYT website, users had noticed four major changes:

  1. The logo of Wordle has slightly changed.
  2. A new menu option had appeared on the top left-hand side corner of the screen that gives links to the latest content of NYT.
  3. When you access Wordle Game Website Free, it redirects you to domains hosted by NYT and later to Wordle.
  4. The EndGadget team acknowledged that user data was also moved to NYT during the migration, and a few user stats were wiped.


A few hints point out to requirements of funds by NYT to maintain Wordle. Firstly, getting redirected to a domain hosted by the NYT and secondly, including a menu option to navigate to the latest content of NYT. Hence, Wordle could be free forlimited time and MAY be chargeable in the future.

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