Why Did Spingarn High School Closed (March) Find Reason!

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Do you know about Spingarn High School? Do you know the issues surrounding it? Do you want to know why the school is trending currently? If you are looking for the required information, then you are at the right place. Follow it thoroughly to get details further.

There is one common question of concern among citizens of the United States, and Canada, and that question is Why Did Spingarn High School Closed. They want to know the controversies surrounding the school. So, follow up in detail to get this information.

About Spingarn High School

Joel Elias Spingarn High School, a public high school, is located in Columbia, USA. It has got its name after Joel Elias Spingarn (1875–1939), who was a literary critic and an American educator. The Spingarn Medal, which is offered annually to African Americans for excellent achievement, was invented by him in 1913.

The school was opened for African American students in 1952 for modern and segregated education. It was one of the top black institutions or schools in the district. App.1500 students were enrolled in the school. The school was ceased at the end of 2012-13.

Why Did Spingarn High School Closed

Though there is not much data available, according to some top U.S. media reports, it was closed due to declining enrolment.

However, some say that the shooting incident which took place in the 1980s was the main reason for the closure of the school. During the assembly a small-caliber handgun was shot, and it struck a 16-year-old guy Adrian Precia who was also there. D.C. Police called it an ‘accidental mishappening’. However, as per a witness, it was not an accident.

But still, the answer to the question Why Did Spingarn High School Closed remain unanswered.

Why was The School Popular?

It was the last segregated all-black school in the US. It had an impressive history of basketball. Players such as Dave Bing, Elgin Baylor, and Sherman Douglas were the product of this school.

After knowing the reason for the school is closed, you also need to know the famous Alumni of school and they were:

  • Ollie Johnson: He was an American player of basketball who played at the University of San Francisco and was first drafted by the Boston Celtics.
  • Michael Graham: He was an American professional player of basketball (retired) who played on Georgetown University’s national championship team, 1984 Why Did Spingarn High School Closed. We have updated above.
  • John Kinard: He was Anacostia Museum’s founding director, a Smithsonian Institution Museum.
  • Earl Jones: The Los Angeles Lakers drafted him and he was an American professional player or basketball (retired)
  • Willie Royster: Concerning Baltimore Orioles, he was as an MLB player.


The answer to the question is may be due to either enrolment issue or shooting incident of 1980. But the current status is that the Spingarn High School was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 2014.

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