Who Is The Strongest Fanny User In Mobile Legends {Feb}

This article provides you with a relative answer to know, Who Is The Strongest Fanny User In Mobile Legends, with pros and cons of the game.

Are you an individual who loves to play games that are Mobile legends? If yes, then which is your favorite character from such games? To be the best gamer, a player must face a strictly challenging level. So, we will be guiding you in this article about Mobile legends games. Do you know that this game is famous among the gamers of the Philippines? 

So this write-up is dedicated to answering the question Who Is The Strongest Fanny User In Mobile Legends

Read this article to get a clear answer to this question. 

About the Mobile Legends games. 

  • It is online multiplayer gameplay that is launched through Moonton. 
  • It was first launched as an android mobile game in 2016 by 14th July. 
  • Then by 9th November 2016, it was settled down for the platform of IOS. 
  • Mobile Legends is a game that soon gained popularity because of its good content and speed. 
  • Every gamer can design their hero for the game. Those different heroes have different qualities and skills there. 

Who Is The Strongest Fanny Player? 

It is found that Fanny is a strong hero and a great player to be played with. 

Fanny has an attacking feature through which she can beat anyone by knocking them down very quickly.

But it is complicated to mention that the game’s most decisive player has numerous strong players, such as KarlTzy.


  • Name- It’s Fanny Wertz. 
  • Cost- 24000499. 
  • Launching year- 2016. 
  • Stamina- 100.
  • Flying Stamina- 15% to 30%.
  • Assail Speed 0.894.
  • Push Speed- 265.
  • Fettle- 2526.

After collecting Fanny’s details, a question that may arise is Who Is The Strongest Fanny User In Philippines?

Scroll down the below headers to know the pros and cons of the game.

What are the pros and cons of the game? 


  • This game is a readily available mobile game. 
  • This game is a great one to play as multiplayer.
  • This is the most assailing game. 
  • This is such a destructive game. 


  • This game is wholly dependent on a purple-colored uniform made up of buff. 
  • This game is relatively slow. 
  • It ultimately depends on the wall for the use of the second skill. 
  • To Find Who Is The Strongest Fanny User In Mobile LegendsIt costs a lot. 
  • Also, the cost of this game is high, and the energy it provides is low. 
  • This game needs a presence of mind as it‘s hard to control. 

Final Utterance

As per our study, we can say that Mobile legend games are becoming trendy by many players around the world. Also, this game was found to be a little expensive, but it is pretty tricky and develops mind stability. 

But, in these kinds of challenging multiplayer games, we found it a little complicated about knowing Who Is The Strongest Fanny User In Mobile Legends? But, one such name found is of KarlTzy.

If you want, you can play this game and know more interesting facts about fanny by clicking on the link.   

Moreover, if you have any idea about the most substantial fanny user, Please let us know by commenting below-

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