The Two Major Rivals in Turkey — Alanya and Mersin: Which to Choose to Acquire a Seaview Property?

Alanya and Mersin: which area to choose to acquire a seaview property? Features of real estate in Alanya and Mersin — prices, housing stock and key real estate nuances. 

The two competing regions of Turkey are Alanya and Mersin. What is the difference in real estate and prices of these places to buy houses in Turkey for investment? What is the best choice for promising investments and permanent residence? Both regions are located on the Mediterranean Sea and attract increased attention from foreign investors. Alanya seems to be safer, as it has long established itself in the market as one of the best. Mersin is young as a resort, it is economical and promising. Where should you invest your hard-earned money, so that you do not regret it later. Let’s figure it out.

Alanya or Mersin — which to choose?

Alanya is a resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, which in the last decade has been considered one of the most favourite places not only for holidaymakers, but also for investors and ordinary real estate buyers. Meanwhile, it remains a small cosy town specialising in tourism. 

Alanya has entered the top areas with the highest level of residential real estate sales by the end of 2022. Alanya accounted for 33% of all housing transactions in Antalya province. This is 189% more than a year earlier. The average cost per square metre reaches 27,434 Turkish lira ($1,460), and the average property price is 3,154,910 Turkish lira ($167,740). The period of return on investment in local housing has reached 18 years. The rapid development of the tourism industry, favourable climate, unique natural beauties and cultural heritage make the city much more tempting for international investors.

Mersin is a large region with a million people, a port city in the recent past connected more with trade than with recreation. The tourism sector has been developed here recently, but the city is called a “rising star”, and some say that this is a second Antalya. Its neighbour is located on the same coast of the Mediterranean Sea, only to the east. The tourist infrastructure is weaker:

  • the beaches are not as beautiful and refined,
  • the sea is not clean and transparent everywhere.

However, the situation is becoming better in this region:

  • There will be a new international airport in Tarsus. 
  • Housing construction is actively developing in this locality.
  • Money is being invested in infrastructure and modern amenities.
  • It is an economically free zone for business.

It is not surprising that by the end of 2022, the share of transactions with foreign nationals in the city equalled Antalya and Istanbul and amounted to about 27% (4,317 deals), according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Real estate in Mersin is also getting more expensive — the growth was about 100% over the past year. By the end of June, the average price per square metre reached $646, and the check for a typical transaction was $86,300 – much cheaper than in Alanya.

To make the right choice between these two different rivals, you need to determine the goals of your purchase and the type of property you desire to own here.

Real estate in Alanya

Local housing is characterized by a variety of offers (it can be apartments in high-rise buildings, housing in townhouses and seaview villas) with high demand and affordable prices. Compared to many European destinations, Alanya is the best combination of price and quality. The price tag for the studio during the construction phase starts at about $93,000.

When it comes to low-cost, but spacious options, these are 1-bedroom apartments of 50-60 sq. m in new buildings. The average cost of such housing starts at $126,500. Similar premium class apartments in residential complexes with the infrastructure of a five-star hotel will cost from $265,000. Luxury view villas with all the necessary amenities start at $1.65 million.

Due to the peculiarities of the terrain and the proximity of the mountains, there are many types of real estate in Alanya that are excellent for sale and rental to holidaymakers. 

Summing up, if you want to lead a quiet and peaceful life in a resort town and invest in properties rented to tourists, you should choose Alanya.

Real estate in Mersin

There are many high-rise buildings in Mersin, so the market specialises in affordable residences. There are no large complexes of villas and cottage settlements here. Overseas buyers are interested in lower prices and come to the region to purchase more accessible properties. There are inexpensive studios in high-rise buildings in Mersin at starting prices of $37,400.

Mersin is one of the few regions where you can find properties for less than $1,000 per square metre. You can purchase a 1-bedroom apartment of 70 sq. m in a brand-new house for $70,000. A spacious 35 sq. m studio will cost $38,000-40,000. Almost all of Mersin’s districts are located on the plain. Unlike Alanya, the highway does not separate the first coastline and the promenade. Therefore, here you can buy a cosy residence right by the sea and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Summing up, if you have any plans to invest or purchase more budget housing, you should choose Mersin. In addition, there are more places to obtain a residence permit than in Alanya.

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