A World of Opportunities: Bali Property Market as a Magnet for Travel-Inspired Investments

Bali is one of the world’s most prevalent international tourist goals, luring millions yearly visitors. Bali, first of all, entices with a unique combination of nature and culture. This combination of diverse nature, unique cities and towns, friendly culture, and a paradise climate lures visitors from all over the world.

Its unusual landscapes, black volcanic beaches, ancient architecture, and endless ocean attract foreigners. Celebrities buy villas in Bali, and remote workers come here to spend the winter. Here, everyone will find something for themselves: beach holidays, surfing, meditative practices.

The combination of traveler flow, beautiful nature, economic development of the country, and the narrow territory of Bali lead to the steady development of the property market in Bali. In addition, market development is greatly stimulated by the shortage of real estate. If yoy want to find property in Jimbaran for sale, now it is the right time.

What kinds of real estate are there in Bali?

The island of Bali presents a variety of types of real estatevillas, townhouses, apartments, guesthouses, boutique hotels, and hotels. Each type of real estate has its unique benefits.

The most desirable housing in Bali is, of course, the villas. They supply privacy and luxury. At the same time, townhouses are available for those who need to save money. Finally, a new trend has been emerging in Bali lately – apartments, which are proving to be the most prevalent among investors:

in Bali, you can find one-bedroom and multi-bedroom villas from the minimum class with a villa area of 100 m2 to the LUX class with a villa area of 500 m2 and a similar local region;

in Bali, villas are located either separately or in a villa complex;

the choice depends solely on the wishes of the person living in the Villa.

Profitability from property

The profit from rental real estate is the highest globally and exceeds 11%. In contrast, in modern villas, townhouses, and apartments, it can exceed 20%.

This is due to the intersection of Bali’s tourism growth and an acute housing shortage. It is very difficult to find good real estate for short-term or long-term rent, which will maintain high profitability from renting out real estate for a long time.


The tourist center of Bali has grown from a fishing village into a popular resort. The international hotels are located here. Most real estate presents fall into the luxury category. Jimbaran is famous for its beaches and high level of service.

Jimbaran is a promising area where you should look for a property with clear competitive advantages. For example, a direct view of the ocean, which in 5 years will not be blocked by other buildings, a convenient location near beaches and various infrastructure. Since the Jimbaran area is large, we advise you to pay the most important attention to the facility’s location; it will determine how successful the project will be in the future.

Jimbaran – a perfect place for tourists

Jimbaran – a relaxing holiday with man-made beaches. Jimbaran is a very peaceful holiday destination in the southwestern part of Bali. It is located a few kilometers from Denpasar, the bustling capital of Bali, but the noise and nervousness of the city practically do not reach these parts. 

Since the beaches in Jimbaran are almost all made-up, and the sea is relatively calm, many parents prefer to take their children on vacation here. There are no attractions in the classical sense of the word here at all. However, Jimbaran has such quality beaches and such good waves for surfing that it more than makes up for the lack of a traditional cultural program. 

If you still want to go to a museum or see some other attraction, you can easily go to Denpasar. Another benefit of living locally is the opportunity to watch some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. This can be done either while sitting on the beach or remotely – for example, from the veranda of one of the many restaurants. By the way, the tables in most of them are arranged in the evening so that the sunset can be seen from everywhere. 

Jimbaran is dominated by local cuisine consisting of seafood, fish, vegetables, and fruits. All this is very light food and also rich in microelements. Other cuisines are represented here to a lesser extent, so it is always better to discuss the issue with the menu in advance. 

Jimbaran Beach is considered one of the best beaches for families. This beach is not intended for surfing, and there are high waves here, but not often. That is why the beach is suitable for swimming with children. Tourists choose this beach for sunset walks. This beach is famous for its fish restaurants and large seafood market.

Jimbaran is an excellent choice for a relaxing and varied holiday. If you need practically European service for more or less reasonable money, then, by all means, come to Jimbaran!

Where to find a property

Bali is the most alluring traveler goal in the world, according to many reputable portals. Early, the heaven isle is rapidly achieving even more significant favor among visitors and expats, which puts it in the world TOP in terms of asset magnificence. If you are considering financing in residential and commercial property in Bali turn to Bali.Realestate. Specialists will supply you with all the data to choose property in Bali and assist you select the property of your dreams. If you chose Jimbalan for your living on the site you can find a huge amount of property offers that will definitely suit your wishes. The catalog on the website is very convinient and easy to use. It will take you not much time to understand that to find housing is so easy. 

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