What Is Revolve Festival Vs Coachella {April} Explore!

This article describes the recent conduction of various events with popular celebrities in California. Read about What Is Revolve Festival Vs Coachella.

Are you a fan of trendy festive events and fashion shows promoted by social media influencers? Keep reading if you want to know details about a recent event discussed on various social media platforms.

Festive event enthusiasts from the United States were looking to know about a highly anticipated event that celebrity, social media creators and influencers endorsed.

Let’s have a deep look into the events organized as a part of the grand festive celebration associated with “What Is Revolve Festival Vs Coachella.”

About Revolve Festival

Revolve Festival is a massively organized fest that involves various creative and entertaining events that consist of music, art, and various shopping events for the festival attendees. The fest got delayed for more than two years due tothe pandemic.

The promotion of the Revolve Festival on online platforms gained massive popularity as the organizers were fully enthusiastic about conducting the event post-pandemic restrictions imposed by the government officials. The event organized at Coachella has no connection with the popular Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Read about the Revolve Festival Vs Coachella 2022.

Revolve Festival 2022 and Coachella Festival

  • Revolve Festival was conducted at Coachella on 16th April 2022 and 17th April 2022.
  • Revolve Festival event is not affiliated with the famous Coachella music festival.
  • The organizers of Revolve Festival focused on inviting social media influencers, starting from big influencers with millions of followers to micro-influencers at the end.
  • Meanwhile, the Coachella Festival is conducted on consecutive three-day weekends in April.
  • The major location of the Coachella Festival is Empire Polo Club.
  • Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen founded Coachella Festival in 1999.

Revolve Festival 2022 Location

  • The recently conducted Revolve festival got conducted at Coachella, California.
  • Hot Californian desert city Coachella got selected for the event. 
  • The event was organized for influencers to take vibrant photos and videos for their fans and followers.

Reaction Of Influencers to Revolt Festival

  • Social media influencers posted about getting stranded at the parking lot without proper transportation facilities to reach the event location.
  • Madison Crowle, an artist and a photographer took video footage of the crowd waiting for buses. Let’s learn more relevant information to find the answer to a prominent question “Is Revolve Festival The Same As Coachella”?
  • JosephKapsch, a popular news reporter, posted a tweet comparing the Revolve Festival to the Fyre Festival. In addition to that, he also mentioned the difficulties faced by the influencers who went to attend the Revolt Festival.
  • Apart from major influencers, some social media influencerspaidanentry fee of $2,000.


Revolve Festival conducted in Coachella received criticism for its improper organization and event conduction compared to the disastrous Fyre Festival of 2017. To know more detail on this topic, kindly have a look at this link.  

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