What Was Roz Announcement Today {April} Know Details!

The article, What Was Roz Announcement Today, unleashed the most anticipated news regarding Weston and provided a detailed explanation.

Do you love reading memoirs? Are you a bookaholic person? And do you love host Roz Weston? Do you love reading? Then, we have a fantastic announcement for you.

A Canada-based publication revealed the most anticipated Weston’s announcement yesterday.

Here is the article that covers the most awaited What Was Roz Announcement Today.

The Trending Announcement

Doubleday Canada announced their big announcement yesterday regarding the release of Roz Weston’s “A Little Bit Broken” book. His memoir book will be available in hardcover, e-book, and audio formats from September of this year. Readers can place their preorders now.

Doubleday Canada is the most prominent book publisher, and they are the publishers of Roz Weston’s book. His announcement enthralled his fans, and within a few hours of the announcement, the book was preordered by many people. And now, it has become the bestseller book of 2022. Roz Weston Announcement is the trending news on the internet.

Roz Weston’s profile

Roz Weston, from Canada, is a book author, host, and entertainer. He is also the host of the famous radio show “The Roz and Mocha”; it’s the top radio show in the Toronto region. He has become a renowned celebrity because of this show; attracting a massive fandom around the world.

Overwhelmed by his artistic talent, the government facilitated him naming a street after him in his hometown, Ontario. On April 12, 2022, Weston announced that he would publish his memoir book under the title “A Little Bit Broken“, and it is expected to be released on September 27, 2022.

What Was Roz Announcement Today: Overview 

His announcement arouses the curiosity of book-loving people, and even its introduction is intriguing and interesting. So, let us have an overview of this book. A Little Bit Broken revolves around the inspiring, personal life of Roz Weston, where he emphasizes the need for self-love, self-forgiveness, and redemption and suggests some ways to recover from bad situations and choices.

He added that his memoir would be a wholesome story covering every aspect of his life. He shared his deep life secrets in his book. He courageously pointed out what we hesitate to talk about.

The Book’s Availability

Roz Big Announcement of A Little Bit Broken book release has become a great virtual event on Instagram. Readers can buy the book online. As of now, it hasn’t been published yet, but readers can preorder the book on the following sites 

  • Amazon
  • Indigo
  • Apple
  • Kobo

And the audio book of A Little Bit Broken has also been planned by the publishing team, so people can now hear his book as a story on audible, kobo, and apple. The actual price of the book is 34 dollars; in the kindle edition, it will cost around 17 dollars.


Thus, What Was Roz Announcement Today is a marvelous treat for Roz Weston’s fans. From being born and brought up in a small town to becoming a great celebrity, his journey wasn’t fruitful but persistent. It never gets better, but only more accessible; he has proven his talent to the world and established himself as a leading example of a multi-platform entertainer.

For preorder bookings,  

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