What Is Norketamine {May 2022} NFL Player Autopsy Report

What Is Norketamine post has shared details of ketamine medicine and its uses and side effects for an informative tool.

Have you heard of Norketamine and Ketamine recently and want to know more about this chemical? The autopsy report of the NFL player is out, and these two chemicals were found in his blood along with two and half times more liquor level in the blood.

The NFL quarterback was hit by a dump truck on 9th April 2022, and breathed his last on the spot. Since his autopsy report came on Monday, many netizens in the United States wanted to know about these chemicals; read What Is Norketamine post to learn more about this chemical.

Antidepressant Effect of Norketamine:

According to some media reports, Dwayne Haskin’s autopsy reports suggest that the liquor level was higher than the permissible limit. Some traces of Ketamine and Norketamine were also found in his blood samples.

Norketamine is a metabolite of Ketamine and helps the patient reduce the sensation of pain by acting on his neural pathway. The medical practitioner uses it basically for its analgesic and anti-depressant properties. Norketamine gets metabolized in the body and produces similar effects as the parent medicine (known as drug in medical terms). 

What Is Norketamine Used For in Modern Medicine?

Doctors mainly use Norketamine to control malignant and non-malignant pain in different patients. Some doctors also use it as an anti-depressant because it contains pain by blocking the neural pathway.

Compared to Ketamine, Norketamine is five times less effective, but its role in controlling pain cannot be denied. As an antagonist, it is more potent than Ketamine and blocks the biological response by binding to the receptor.

How did Ketamine Use change with time?

Ketamine was first used as anesthesia for animals and later used as an anesthetic for humans. What is ketamine and Norketamine, and their uses have changed much in the last seventy year. Doctors have used these medications for treating soldiers on the battlefield. 

They also started giving this medicine to patients to get normal after some agitated activity. During these times, the doctor realized that it could be used as an anti-depressant, and slowly they also started giving it to control suicidal thoughts.

It can give patients a euphoric feeling for some time in which they have illusionary feelings about themselves. This has also led to the casual use of this medicine to uplift people’s moods.

What Is Norketamine and its side effects?

Norketamine, as an active metabolite, plays its role in providing some relief to patients, but its potency is reduced. Some of the side effects of this medicine are listed below.

  • It can lead to unconsciousness and high blood pressure.
  • The breathing rate can slow down in some patients.
  • It can cause ulcers or pain in the bladder in the long term.
  •  People can have reduced memory.

Note – All details are based on the internet findings.

Final verdicts:

Although this medicine has been used efficiently by a medical practitioner, its casual use by some partiers is a cause of concern. What Is Norketamine post believes that people should take this medicine strictly on a doctor’s prescription. 

Netizens can share their thoughts on Ketamine  casual use in the comment section.

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