What Happened In Memphis Today – Know About Shooting Breaking News: Is That Shooter Caught by Police Department?

Please scroll down to the below article on What Happened In Memphis Today and learn about the incident in detail.

Have you heard the news of the Memphis shooting? Do you want to learn about the incident which took away the lives of four innocent persons? Then read this article to the last; here, we will give detailed accounts of the incidents.

People in the United States are shaken to hear about the mobile shooting around Memphis. A nineteen years old man committed this deadly incident. So, let us discuss in detail What Happened In Memphis Today.

Details Of The Incident Happened In Memphis.

Ezekiel Kelly shot seven people; among them, seven were dead. While shooting out the people, Kelly showed this incident live streaming on Facebook and Instagram. According to the sources, in the early morning on Wednesday, the first shooting happened on Lynndale Avenue, where a twenty-four-year-old man was shot and killed. 

The following incident occurred at 4.35 PM on E Parkway South; a dead body was also found here. Several shooting spots were found on the body of the dead person. Later a woman was reported being shot in the legs by this Active Shooter In Memphis; she was admitted to the hospital later. She is out of danger now. 

The next happened in a store where Kelly shot a man now in critical condition. After four of these incidents, police alerted the city about this gunman. But before the police caught Kelly, he shot three more people. Among them:

  • Two women did not survive after being shot on Evergreen Street and Waist Raines Road, respectively.
  • A man also was shot, and his condition was not critical. He was taken to the hospital.

What We Know From Memphis Police Department

According to the police, he tried to run away from the state after doing these dangerous acts. It was locked down in multiple areas, and the services of MATA were shut down. Kelly was arrested at 9:30 PM in between Ivan Road and Hodge Road. 

There is a criminal history of that treacherous person found earlier for Kelly. Jim Strickland, the mayor of Memphis, told us that Kelly was convicted earlier and got jailed for three years, but he was in jail only for eleven months. He was released in March. So this is now again charged and arrested for murder.

Breaking News Memphis

The police have now arrested Kelly after threatening the people in Memphis for many hours. The police department issued an alert as this dangerous man roamed and shot randomly around the city. Still, after the arrest has been made, the situation is now expected. To know more about this incidentclick here.


From the above discussion on the incident in Memphis, we can tell our readers that the situation is now under control as the perpetrator is under police custody. But the sad thing is that the Shooting In Memphis Today snatched four innocent lives of people.

Please note all the details have been taken from online sources. Are you satisfied with the provided information about the incident? Let us know in the comment section. 

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