Clear Spring High School Baseball {Aug} What Happened!

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Accidents are becoming frequent nowadays, leading to deaths or extreme conditions. The worst thing about them is losing your loved ones as the person who goes will never return, but the ones who stay behind have to suffer a lot. Are you aware of the latest accident? Do you know the students are from clear spring school? Have you wondered how did the accident happen? Do you know that the news is spreading widely over the United States? Read this article till the end to learn about the Clear Spring High School Baseball crash.

How did the accident happen?

The accident took place on Thursday evening. The whole august community of clear spring was mourning the death of its students. Three students named Tyler Josenhans, Kannon shives and Clayton Knode were going down the road when they met a traffic collision on Interstate 81 near Hagerstown. Josenhans was 17 years old from Hagerstown, and he was going to start his junior year on the coming Monday. Tyler and Kannon were 16 years of age, and they were about to start their sophomore years.

Josenhans and Knode of Clearspring High School were laid at the spot and pronounced dead after the crash. Shives was taken to a trauma centre in Baltimore, namely the R Adams Cowly shock trauma centre. After the brutal crash, he died by Friday due to severe injuries. All of them were stated to be athletes for the blazers. They get many messages after their death, praying for their afterlife and giving condolence to their families. They have gone forever, but the ones who stayed behind had to suffer a lot. Their families were In a deep shock of losing their young children’s.

Who was the three from Clear Spring High School Baseball?

The three were from clear spring high school, and it was stated that they were athletes for the blazers. They were mere age as Josenhans was 17 and the other two were only 16. They were about to start new classes on the coming Monday.

Reactions to their demise:

Many people have sad reactions to the demise of the three young lives. The school in which they study shares some posts regarding the demise of the young ones. They have used different hashtags for them that are like Clearspring, one family and CSHSBlazers etc. Clear Spring Maryland shared their views about the students, further stating their families. They have written about the terrific evening which killed three innocents. May god grace of peace with the family. Many others have written the same, giving condolences and prayers expressing their heartbreak.


Three young ones of mere ages have passed away. May their soul rest in peace. Nothing can be stated about the future happening. Read this article about Clear Spring High School Baseball to learn about accidents and reactions. For more information, click on the link  .

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