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Today’s Mandie Reusch Video news post shed light on a mother’s personality who harassed her ex-boyfriend and forced him to end his life.

What happened to Mandie Reusch? Is Mandie Reusch accused of a crime? Some sources from the United States and other places claim that in the months following mailing him an endless supply of abusive messages by text, the Pennsylvania female suspected of pushing her ex-boyfriend to commit suicide attempted to “enclose her traces” as a mourning widow.

Such crime has created fear and raised awareness among online fears, making headlines on several news sources and social media networks. So, keep reading and discover the truth about Mandie Reusch Video.

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What does Mandie’s video depict?

Mandie Reusch, 35, allegedly threatened Kevin Metzger, her ex-army boyfriend, in a string of “disturbing and explicit” encrypted messages by demanding to break off their relationship and substitute him as the father of the child with her new boyfriend.

The accused murderer’s new lover informed the reports that Reusch publically lamented Metzger, 37, as an “excellent father” who had left an empty spot in his loved ones after committing suicide in June 2021. The case and its footage is Viral On Reddit.

What did Mandie’s ex-boyfriend report?

After Mandie’s husband died, she became a martyr and posted many tribute photos of him while gushing about what a great parent he was and how badly she missed him. The individual, who requested anonymity, stated that he supposed she wanted to partially hide what she was doing.

She encouraged him to commit suicide in her constant barrage of harassing messages sent via WhatsApp.

How did Mandie Reusch Greensburg torture his ex-boyfriend through messages?

Mandie mentioned in her message that starting today, he (the last name of her new boyfriend) and Mandie are one, and his boyfriend is not. Today, the new boyfriend is her daughter’s father. Not you, though. 

As shared on Instagram, Telegram, etc., she added that the new boyfriend is a far better father than him, so she’ll consider him “daddy. She mentioned that she was serious and he was the most horrible individual on earth. 

Did Mandie’s new partner know about her?

The new partner thought his connection with Reusch was informal and was unaware that Reusch had a kid. The individual informed the media that he initially got familiar with Metzger through the Army veteran’s SMS threats against him in response to a clip Reusch shared showing her engaging in illicit activity with her new partner.

A few videos shared on Reddit and Tiktok states that He had no idea they had something like that. For everything he knew, Mandie was single for the initial two months, and then a guy contacted him demanding a fight.

Quick Wiki-

  • Real name- Mandie Reusch
  • Age- 35 years
  • Children- one (daughter)
  • Daughter name- Salem
  • Ex-boyfriend- Kevin Metzger

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After two years of investigation, Mandie Reusch was recently held for harassing and encouraging her ex-boyfriend to end his life. Mandie had sent many messages to her ex-boyfriend to harass him. As shared on Youtube, Reusch purportedly informed him in another text that she planned to have relations with the new guy. 

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Mandie Reusch Video: FAQs

Q1. Who is Reusch Mandie?

Mandie is a Pennsylvania-based mother who encourages her ex-boyfriend to commit suicide.

Q2. What charges did Mandie Reusch face?

Mandie faces charges of harassing and encouraging suicide, both felonies.

Q3. Did Mandie use a new lover to make her ex-boyfriend jealous?

The new lover claimed that Mandie exploited him to make his ex-boyfriend envious.

Q4. What action did Mandie’s ex-boyfriend take?

Mandie’s text chains are mentioned in a suicide message that Metzger wrote and uploaded on Facebook following enduring the harassment for almost a year.

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