What Did Whoopi Goldberg Say Holocaust {Feb} Get Answer!

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Have you heard about the comment passed by Whoopi Goldberg? During Monday’s episode on the talk show, Whoopi Goldberg commented that she got suspended for two weeks from ABC. The people from the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are with the ABC team. So What Did Whoopi Goldberg Say Holocaust? Let us find out. 

If you want the answers to all these questions, this article is for you. We will discuss the comment and all the actions taken after that. Let us find out in detail what repercussions Whoopi Goldberg will face after this incident. 

Who is Whoopi Goldberg? 

Her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson. She is an actor, comedian, author and a receiver of several awards during her successful career. She is a television personality known as Whoopi Goldberg. 

Recently, during an American Talk show, ‘The view’, she commented on the Jewish people. What Did Whoopi Goldberg Say Holocaust has ill effects which are crucial. She has been targeted by the network and the people from various countries due to her remarks for which she has apologized several times. 

What happened during the episode? 

During Monday’s episode on ‘The view’, Whoopi commented that the Holocaust was not about race. She and the other host were discussing the Holocaust-centered Novel. They talked about the book called ‘Maus’ and why such books should be banned. Later she added that the Holocaust was not about race and continued saying that it’s about a man’s inhumanity to another man. 

Affects of What Did Whoopi Goldberg Say Holocaust

The president of ABC News immediately announced a two weeks suspension to Whoopi Goldberg on the show. Several actors are tweeting about Goldberg’s comment saying that it was hurtful and mean to Jewish people. ABC News organization is standing together with the Jewish people against Goldberg’s remark. They have found the remark to be hurtful. Later she defended herself and apologized for her words. But the ABC president, Kim Goldwin stands still on her discussion and has asked Goldberg to think about her words over and after before coming back to the show. 

Goldberg’s side

What Did Whoopi Goldberg Say Holocaust fired on her. Still, after the show, Goldberg apologized and cleared that she should have said that the Holocaust is both about race and inhumanity. She has apologized particularly to the Jewish people for her hurtful comment. 

Even after all the apologies and regret, Whoopi faced backlashes from the ABC team. She claims that the network has targeted her and would quit the show. 


During an American talk show, the comments passed by Whoopi Goldberg have caught her into an act. The ABC Team has suspended her. Later she apologized and regretted saying her words. 

In this article, we have discussed What Did Whoopi Goldberg Say Holocaust. Celebrities are talking about this incident through tweets. Let us see what happens with Goldberg in the coming time. If you want to know more about Goldberg’s act, click on this link.  

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