5 Year Old Missing In Texas {June} Read Full Incident!

Please read the 5 Year Old Missing in Texas article to grab details about Emerie Mitchell, who was found after being lost in her hometown for a couple of hours.

Have you heard the news about a 5-year-old missing in Missouri city? Do you know the girl was found after several hours of search? If you want to know the incident scenario, then read the below-written article.

Emerie Mitchell is the girl who disappeared from her home in the Missouri city of Texas, the United States. Let us peek into details of the news 5 Year Old Missing in Texas. After thorough research, we got you some brief about the circumstance of this weird incident.

How did the girl miss?

Emerie Mitchell, age 5, left her home on Tuesday to visit her aunt’s house, which is about four lanes from her home. Instead, she got missing in the early afternoon hours on Lost Quail Drive in Missouri City.

Mitchell left her house, telling her grandmother she was leaving and walked out. After a couple of minutes, her grandmother searched here and there, but she could not find her anywhere. Soon her family reported to police that 5 Year Old Missing in Texas.

Her relatives gave the latter information. Immediately after noticing her disappearance, the family complained to the Missouri city police office. The city police had assisted Houston police in looking into the matter.

The Houston police urged help from the public in finding out the missing girl. Family members and neighbours posted the news on social media and distributed flyers with the girl’s image.

The rescue actions of the family and others, the police, got success in bringing back the child to her home. After several hours the police received the news about the girl.

5 Year Old Missing in Texas

After a frantic search, a woman found the girl in a busy junction. The woman noticed the child alone at the intersection of Quail Park and McHard. She had grabbed the child soon after, found suspicious.

The girl was notified just ten minutes and nine miles away from her home. The woman brought the girl to the substation of the Houston Police Department located on Nitida Street.

Police succeed in reuniting the girl with her family in the evening before 6:00p.m on Tuesday. Mitchell was perfectly healthy, with joy, and observed no physical harm. Happy ending to 5 Year Old Missing in Texas.

The reaction of the family after the return of Mitchell

Family members rushed to the police office to bring back her child. Then, with overwhelming happiness after long hours of tension, the girl’s mother collapsed with unconsciousness. The police rushed her to the hospital.

The girl’s aunt expressed her joy and gratitude for helping to find her niece. She conveyed her thankfulness to the police, who shared their sweat and tears with them. Martha Grandy, the girl’s aunt, greeted the people who helped get the girl back. 

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In the article 5 Year Old Missing in Texas, we have shared information about Emerie Mitchell, who got missing for several hours and returned to her family safe. Click here for more updates.

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