{Watch Updated} Viral Scandal Sa Cemetery: What Is Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery, Also Find Its Video November 2022 Link!

Read exclusive analysis unavailable elsewhere about a cemetery scandal from Philippine. Also, learn what was shown in Viral Scandal Sa Cemetery.

A Pinay girl and a boy were featured in the first week of November acting for a grown-up video. People came to know about the video as it was shared on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms, including blogging sites and general websites publishing trending news Worldwide. Would you like to know what was shown in the videos?

Let’s analyse the observations from the Viral Scandal Sa Cemetery below.

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About the cemetery video scandal:

Two video clips were shared initially on Twitter, followed by several Reddit groups sharing the links. Both video clips were published one-after-the other on Twitter pages on 3rd-November-2022. They were referred to as episode-1 and episode-2; and hashtagged as #viral cemetery scandal, #Sa Sementeryo Scandal, #sementeryo viral scandal 2022, Etc.


We do not promote access to (or) watching grown-up content on social media and the internet. Details in this write-up are obtained from various sources on the internet and provided for information purposes only.

The episode-1 became popular initially and was shared extensively. At the same time, episode-2 was shared lately. The episode-1 showed a boy, and a girl dressed up like students. They both wore white T-shirts with red shoulder strips and grey-colored bottoms.

About Pinay Viral Scandal Cemetery:

The girl was a Pinay (of Filipino origin) and had a blue tag in her neck with an ID card, and the boy had a chain with a cross in his neck. They were shown spending romantic movements in a cemetery and later performing oral physical acts. Two graves were shown in the background, placed horizontally in a wall and covered with white tiles.

Several clips of episode-1 were also published on YouTube. The videos were less than a minute long and did not expose any body parts of the boy and the girl.

Episode-2 had a combination of three different senses of physical acts. Two scenes from November 2022 were shot at the same cemetery at the same spot. In one of the clips, the boy wore a black t-shirt, and the girl wore an ash-green t-shirt and performed oral physical acts.

The next clip showed the girl in a different black attire lying down at the cemetery and the boy dominating her in physical acts. The last clip showed both of them in an isolated open area. The girl was wearing a red top and took the support of a wall in her standing position. At the same time boy had a different white colour t-shirt and performed physical acts.

Currently, only censored Video 2022 Link are publically accessible on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, and other internet sites.

Both full-length videos were available on illegitimate grown-up websites on 3rd-November-2022. However, they were removed the same day as the videos were reported on news channels, went viral, and police started investigations. 

Social media links: we are excluding social media links due to inappropriate and grown-up content of the videos.


There were four clips of the same boy and the girl involved in physical acts at the cemetery. It suggests they were professionals from the illicit industry acting in Viral Scandal Sa Cemetery. They shot at least three videos at the same spot on the same day in different attires. The video became viral as physical acts were performed at a cemetery. 

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Viral Scandal Sa Cemetery – FAQ

1Q. Is the identity of the boy and the girl acting in the cemetery video revealed?


2Q. Was the investigation initiated by police?

Yes. After the videos were discussed on news channels, the police initiated an investigation in the first week of November.

3Q. What was the result of a police investigation?

The results of the police investigation are not released for public access.

4Q. What are the cemetery’s name and location where the video was shot?

The name of the cemetery and its location are unidentified.

5Q. Is the full uncensored video available on the internet?


6Q. Is the uncensored Viral Scandal Sa Cemetery video available on social media and the internet?

Yes, clips are available on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and the internet.

7Q. Are the links to the full uncensored cemetery video accessible?

Various video clips published regularly suggest that netizens imported original videos on 3rd-November. Hence, the links are privately shared. However, the links for full uncensored videos are not publicly accessible.

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