Guide to Filing a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim

Two Wheeler Insurance Claim: Possession of a bike/two-wheeler can be extremely thrilling but vehicle ownership brings on an added responsibility. In India, most vehicle accidents that take place are bike accidents as the vehicles are more exposed and prone to it – with this comes the possibility of damages/losses to the two-wheeler. This is why it is not only mandatory but recommended to purchase a bike insurance policy, which protects your two-wheeler from any unforeseen circumstances.  

The way to get financial protection from the bike insurance policy is by raising a claim. A claim is compensation you would receive against any damage or loss that your two-wheeler faces once the claim is verified and the vehicle has been inspected properly to ascertain the actual damage.  Before we get into the process of filing a two-wheeler insurance claim, we should know the types of claims available – 

  1. Cashless Claims – In this type of claim, the insurer pays directly to the network garage who is responsible for repairing the damage. In such a claim, the policyholders do not have to pay upfront and the only condition is that the repair needs to be from a network garage.
  2. Reimbursement Claims – In this type of claim, your insurance provider will not be paying for it upfront but instead, you will be. You can post paying, and file a reimbursement of the expenses to the provider who would then compensate you against it.

Now, coming to the “How” or the “Guide to file a two-wheeler Insurance claim” – 

The process to file a claim is pretty much the same in all types of insurance companies with a bit of a variation depending on the situation. The process to file the claim is – 

  1. Take down the registration number of the vehicle involved in the accident/damage. 
  2. If there are multiple parties involved, especially in a case of an accident – a FIR at the nearest police station has to be filed, which will also be submitted to the insurer. 
  3. The vehicle will then be inspected by the insurance provider to cross-check all the details you have submitted. 
  4. Once the claim has been filed by you to the provider – you will be required to submit certain important documents such as – 
    1. Policy documents
    2. Driving License
    3. Claim filing document
    4. FIR – in case of an accident
    5. Two-wheeler registration papers
    6. Original bills in case of reimbursement claims 

Please note that in case there is any discrepancy or problem in the documents which have been submitted, your claim can be rejected by the insurance company. This is why we suggest cross-checking all your documents before you submit and file the claim accurately.  Apart from incorrect information/documents, reasons such as ownership, carelessness, depreciation of the vehicle, and illegal use of the vehicle are all reasons why your claim can be rejected. 

Your vehicle is an important asset that you own, which is why treating it with utmost care is extremely important. Even so, in case of any unfortunate instances things can go array. This is why a bike insurance policy is important and purchasing it from a provider who makes the claim process seamless is also important. Check out the Two-Wheeler insurance policy offered by Chola MS and the benefits you avail yourself! 

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