Philanthropist James Dooley Invests in Building Over 27 Million Digital Assets

Success has become immediate in the modern society we now live in. Many people have lost sight of what actual success entails and are unaware of the effort and hard work necessary to pursue their passion.

Building the life you have always wanted costs money, but it is all worthwhile in the end.

The rise of the internet has also increased the number of opportunities for achievement.

James Dooley of FatRank is one of those ambitious individuals who has built their own empire. He used his experience to make it all happen from the ground up. His recent investments into millions of digital assets have the potential to be a game-changer for the SEO industry.

Who Is James Dooley?

James Dooley is a multi-faceted web entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom.

He is also known as ‘James Z Dooley’ and ‘James Dooley SEO’.

James Dooley owns and manages multiple thriving web businesses, and he has invested in numerous other top SEO organisations.

As well as running FatRank, he owns and operates the following businesses:

  • Founder of PromoSEO Ltd, a digital marketing agency
  • Founder of JMD Property Developments Ltd
  • Owner of PromoMedia
  • Founder of Dooley Investments Ltd

What Are Digital Assets?

In general, a digital asset is anything that is generated and kept digitally, is recognisable and discoverable, and has or offers value. As technology improvements become increasingly intertwined with our personal and professional lives, digital assets have grown in popularity and value. Data, photos, video, textual material, and other digital assets have long been seen as having ownership rights.

That also includes websites. Dooley’s investments in websites are well known, as he excels at buying fixer-upper sites and turning them into profitable, valuable assets that are worth owning.

Why Does Dooley Purchase and Renovate Fixer Upper Websites?

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, investors usually look for fixer-uppers that have the potential to be renovated to increase value.

It is the same with websites. Sites, CRO, content, linkages, technical SEO, and advertisements may all be improved. So purchasing websites is a must: investors can buy a busted, broken site, fix it up, and profit from all of this uplift. Even with no uplift, though, these sites can still be an excellent investment.

As a result, Dooley is currently on the acquisition trail. Creating a massive digital asset portfolio in carefully chosen categories is his goal. In short, he wants to own a huge range of assets that large financial investors will want to acquire!

Dooley advises that you should try to put your money into additional sites since digital assets  are not going away and will only increase exponentially over the next five years.


Adding over 27 million digital assets to his portfolio recently, James Dooley is well placed to build on the success of sites like FatRank and send his business skyrocketing still further. His investments support new startups, helping hungry young entrepreneurs get started on the ladder while supporting his own business growth at every turn.

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