Trife Wordle {July} Know The Answer of Today’s Quiz!

This post about Trife Wordle will inform our readers about the correct answer. Kindly check the answer below.

Did you get the correct answer for wordle396? No? Don’t worry. The following post will give you the right hints and accurate answers. So, keep scrolling this post.

Although the game is highly addictive, it still requires a good knowledge of words. It is on the favorite list of many people around New Zealand, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries.

So, keep reading this post about Trife Wordle to know the correct answer for the 396th word.

Is ‘Trife’ the Correct answer?

Many people are confused about the correct answer to the 396th Wordle and are guessing Trife as the right answer. Unfortunately, that’s not the correct answer; instead, ‘TRITE.’ is the correct answer. although the difference between the correct answer and ‘TRIFE’ is only one word, i.e., ‘F.’ The rest include the exact words, leading to confusion among the players.

Now that we have informed our readers about the correct answer, they can quickly solve their Wordle. 

Furthermore, we will give our readers more information about Wordle, so keep reading this post. 

Is Trife a Word?

A few of you’ll be curious whether Trife is a word or just some hallucination. Now that we have informed you that it is not TRIFE. Instead, TRITE is the correct answer. So, we want to tell you that Trife is an existing word, not just your hallucination. 

If it’s an actual word, then what does it mean? TRIFE means to cause trouble, unforgivable and reprehensible. But this term TRIFE is nowhere connected to the 396th Wordle, and the correct answer to this Wordle is mentioned in this post.

Trife Definition

Trife can be defined as talking mockingly or treating someone as unimportant. We urge our readers not to use TRIFE as a correct answer for 396th Wordle; instead, use TRITE.  

Furthermore, we will tell our readers the tips and tricks they can use to solve the Wordle. So keep reading this post for some hints and to get pro with Wordle. 

Hints, Tips, and Tricks: 

Not able to complete the Wordle now? No issue. Check out the advice and a few tips and tricks to solve the 396th Wordle quickly.

Below we have mentioned tips and tricks for the Trife Wordle:

  • The correct word includes two vowels placed in the 3rd and 5th positions. 
  • The correct answer’s meaning is to treat someone as unimportant. 

We are sure you will now be able to solve this Wordle with the help of the hint mentioned. Still, if you cannot guess, check our post briefly, as we have already mentioned the correct answer. 


Summarizing this post, we have told our readers about the correct answer to the 396th Wordle, which was confusing the netizens. for more info, click on this link

 So, what are your thoughts about Trife Wordle? Do let us know in the comments.

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