Quintessential Wordle {April 2022} Get The Game Link!

This article has discussed a new word game, Quintessential Wordle, in detail and shared ways to play the game for puzzle solvers.

Are you excited about a new word game similar to Wordle and its clone but more interesting than them? The potential of the word game industry is such that with little differentiation, a new product can be developed.

The success of Wordle has made developers interested in this industry, and puzzle lovers Worldwide are spoiled for choices. Quintessential is another word game that has the potential to attract the attention of the word game lover at a global level.

This article has tried to discuss a different aspect of Quintessential Wordle for puzzle solvers.

Quintessential Word Game:

The quintessential game was introduced two months ago and had many similarities to the word games launched recently. The Wordle game clones are similar in their basic structure, but a slight differentiation changes the game.

Quintessential requires players to arrange the letter horizontally to get five meaningful words. All the letters for forming the word are given in a twenty-five tile table, and players are expected to form the word in eight steps.

The most exciting part of the game is that the word is not invisible like in other word games.

Quintessential Game Like Wordle:

This game has many similarities with the Wordle game, and its player can quickly adapt to this game. Some of the similarities with the Wordle game are mentioned below.

  • Like Wordle, this game also requires people to find the correct word.
  • The letter in the correct place is indicated by green in both games.
  • Letter in word but at the wrong place is indicated by yellow in both games.
  • This game also restricts the number of guessing attempts by players.

How to play a Quintessential Word Puzzle?

This puzzle game didn’t want players to start with the guess word as all the letters required are given. Quintessential Game Like Wordle gives hints to players by changing the colour of the tiles. Some of the rules for playing the game are mentioned below.

  • Visit its official website (mentioned in conclusion).
  • Players are expected to form five words with five letters each in a horizontal line.
  • Click tap and drag two letters in grey or yellow to swap them.
  • Players should not try to move letters in green tile as they are placed in the correct tile.
  • Try to swap all the letters in the correct place in a maximum of eight moves.
  • Once all the tiles have turned green, the puzzle is complete.

Quintessential Wordle other Features:

In two months of its operation, this game has not become as popular as Wordle. The total number of unique visitors daily on its platform is around five hundred. Some additional features of the game are listed below.

One can check the statistics like wins and average moves and share them with their friends. In settings, players can start the timer and change its language.


This game has not succeeded like other clones of Wordle, but it has the potential to attract puzzle lovers. Players interested in word games can try Quintessential Wordle for the first time and revisit the game website in case they want more of it. 

Players can try Quintessential for the first time by clicking on the link and can share their views on the game in the comment section. 

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