Canadian Wordle Game {Mar} Explore Game Strategy Here!

The Canadian Wordle Game is trending heavily on Twitter. Read here to find the gameplay, requirements, and free version.

The Word sensation Wordle game has been followed by all the gamers and literary lovers. The game has been trending on Twitter with special following from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom

For the Canadian Wordle Game, there has been tremendous following lately and people have been posting reviews all over the internet. Recently, a report came up in the South China Post where it claimed how many women were saved by the game. We will discuss it as a part of this article. The game is simple and unique in its challenging mode. 

What is Wordle Game?

It is a free game developed by a Welsh born engineer Josh Wardle. The layout of the game as well as the method of playing is very simple and the players in Canadian Wordle Game have to guess a five letter word. They are given six attempts to guess the word. The letters must be put on the right place to get the correct meaningful word. There are players who are comparing the game with twentieth century pen and paper game, especially for children, Jotto. 

The game is published by The New York Times Company and is released in October 2021. The genre of the game is word game and it is exclusively digital game. During lockdown around the world, the game gained huge popularity and certain unique ‘emoji squares’ from the game are widely shared on Twitter by the players. 

Gameplay of the Canadian Wordle Game

The game, due to its popularity, was purchased for a seven digit figure by The New York Times Company. In gameplay, daily a five letter word has to be guessed in given six attempts by the players. There are three colors that symbolize different answers in the game. Green signifies that the letter placed is correct. Yellow and Gray signify that the letter is correct but not at the right position and that the letter is not at all the answer respectively. 

There are not many technicalities and nuances in the Canadian Wordle Game and that is what, ironically, makes it unique and purposeful. The spellings used in the game are American and there ar people speaking British English demanding the game in their language as well. Recently, it has been specified by the creator of the game that the game shall be free in future as well and no plans regarding the formation of an app are discussed as of now. 


The craze of worldly game is making everyone put their achievements on the social media. This has gained the game huge popularity and made it crucial for the spreading of the game. There are more than ten thousand words in the game at a time. The Canadian Wordle Game has given the Americans an extra edge as the game is already available in the American English. To know more, see Meet Wordle, the internet’s latest obsession – CTV News 

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