Traveling to Toronto for Business: 5 Tips

Traveling to Toronto for Business: Toronto – meaning ‘the meeting place’ in the language of the Indigenous Huron – is Canada’s capital of commerce. As the largest city in Canada, Toronto hosts business travelers from all over the world.

Toronto is arguably one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world. It is an extremely popular domestic business travel destination with top-rated accommodation, a melting pot of cuisine, and an inclusionary culture. In fact, most U.S.-sponsored association meetings outside of the States are held in this bustling business hub – it’s not hard to see why.

So, whether you’re attending or hosting a trip, here are 5 expert tips for traveling to Toronto on business.

1. Finding a Place to Stay

With around 36,000 hotel rooms housed in more than 170 world-class hotels and plenty of downtown toronto apartments, you’ll have many accommodation options.

Choosing accommodation in downtown Toronto means you’ll be at the core of Toronto’s business hub and have easy access to the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Suppose you have a long layover or want to stay within a short distance from the Pearson International Airport. In that case, you could opt for a stay in one of the three top-rated airport hotels – Sheraton Gateway, ALT Hotel Pearson, and Westin Toronto Airport.  

If you’d prefer a quieter and more private setting, many fully-furnished short-term rental options also have airport transportation services.  

2. Transportation

Whether you’re at the airport or downtown, there are many car rental companies with and without mileage limits to choose from. You can also rely on taxis or ride-sharing services.

Toronto also boasts the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) – a robust, well-connected, award-winning public transport system.

3. Cuisine

Toronto is known as a global city due to its incredible diversity. There are 130 different languages spoken in the city, and only 50% of Toronto’s population was born in Canada. This level of diversity has resulted in so many multi-cultural and authentic food options.

With multiple restaurants and eateries devoted to the authentic food of many ethnicities, you can find anything from traditional Peruvian dishes and French Bistro dining to authentic Ethiopian or Japanese cuisine.  

4. Mixing Business with Pleasure

Toronto is a diverse melting pot of culture with entertainment spots to suit all budgets and tastes. If you’re looking to bond with the locals, there are many sporting events involving Canada’s best professional teams.

If you want to experience the cuisine and nightlife, you could take your guests to a range of top-rated restaurants and bars. If you visit Toronto during major events like Caribana, Pride, or the Toronto Film Festival, there will be no shortage of entertainment.

5. Staying Fit

While traveling in foreign lands for business, it’s often too easy to fall out of your routine and pick up bad habits – especially where exercise is concerned. However, staying in Toronto makes sticking to your workout routine easy.

You’ll find fully-equipped gyms in most top-rated hotels, or you could join a local running group. If you prefer to unwind after the workday with a yoga session, you can find a studio near you in this online yoga directory.

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