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Are you a Tom Cruise fan? The famous star has a very protective personal life. He has two daughters and one son. Do you know that he has three children? Out of which, two of them are adopted. He is popularly known in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Let us know about the relationship between Tom Cruise with Kids in the following article. He has always kept his kids away from the starlight.

Personal life of Tom Cruise

Currently, Tom Cruise is 59 years old, and recently, his role as Pete Maverick Mitchell turned out to be outstanding; hence it is trending. Many of his fans are unaware that he has three kids. Recently, he was seen with his son Connor Cruise at a basketball game in California in October 2021. 

The relationship of Tom with the elder two kids is seen sometimes, and they say that they are in contact with each other. But there is no news about his youngest daughter.

However, Tom Cruise Children have always stayed away from the limelight.

Tom’s marriages

Right now, Tom is single and is living life alone. His last divorce was in 2012, and he hasn’t married anyone since then. But has linked with many celebrities and also a restaurant owner. He also dated his mission impossible co-star, which ended after one and a half years. Over this time, he has married three women; Nicole, Mimi and Katie. 

He adopted two children with Nicole and has a daughter with Katie, who stays with her mom. Tom is in good connections with all. These details are based on online sources; we have not framed anything.

Relationship of Tom Cruise with Kids

The name of the three children is Bella, Connor and Suri. Bella is the eldest daughter of Tom Cruise and is adopted by Nicole. She is 29 years old and lives in Croydon with her husband. With Bella, they also adopted Connor, who is currently 27 years old. These two have always stayed away from their dad’s fame but are in good contact with him. Last year, Connor was hanging out with his dad at a basketball game. The father-son duo looked like they were having fun, just like normal people.

The relationship of Tom Cruise with Kids has been neutral, but all three kids are always stayed out of the star world of Tom Cruise. After these two, Tom and his ex-wife gave birth to Suri, his youngest kid. She stays with her mom. Recently, she was also seen celebrating her 15th birthday.


We have covered all the information about Tom Cruise’s ex-family. He had always kept his relationships very private. His three children have also stayed away from the fame of their father. Bella, Connor and Suri are his three children. 

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