Time 11 Grammy Winner {Aug 2022} Who Has Won? Read Here!

Want to know the list of Time 11 Grammy Winner? Read it and find all the artists with this prestigious title.

Are you a dedicated fan of your favorite artist? Do you also keep a tab of all the awards for which they are nominated and how many they have won? 

It is crucial for the artists themselves when they win prestigious awards like the Grammys, Tony awards, the Emmys, or the Billboard Music Awards. Fans from the United StatesCanada, and other countries, vote for their favorite artists; and hope for them to win. So, who is the Time 11 Grammy Winner of all time? 

List of 11 Time Grammy Winners:

With the MTV Video Music Awards Show held on 28 August 2022, and the American Music Awards 2022 to be held in November, fans are already excited about the next Grammy Awards Show.

And did you know that a winner at the VMAs 2022 also holds the title of being an 11 Time Grammy Winner? Let’s see the entire list and find out:

  • Babyface (Kenneth Brain Edmonds) has been nominated for 49 Grammy nominations and has won 11.
  • Taylor Swift has been nominated for 41 Grammy nominations and has won 11. This Time 11 Grammy Winner also won big in the recent VMAs 2022.  
  • Michael Tilson Thomas has been nominated for 38 Grammy nominations and has won 11.
  • Shirley Caesar has been nominated for 28 Grammy nominations and has won 11.
  • Al Green has been nominated for 21 Grammy nominations and has won 11.
  • Arif Mardin has been nominated for 18 Grammy nominations and has won 11.
  • Roger Miller has been nominated for 18 Grammy nominations and has won 11.

For other Grammy Award record holders, continue reading this article. 

After the 2022 VMAs, Taylor Swift, a Time 11 Grammy Winner, has been in the news and is, undoubtedly, why people are searching for 11-time Grammy Winners. We hope you now know all of them.

About the Grammy Awards:

The Grammy Awards are one of the three biggest music awards are organised every year. It is also amongst the four biggest Entertainment awards in American industry besides Academy or Oscar Awards, Tony Awards, and Emmy Awards.

Usually held in May every year, the Recording Academy presents the Grammy Awards, recognizing the Outstanding Achievements in the US music industry. The Grammy trophy depicts a gilded gramophone and hence the name.

Time 11 Grammy Winner and other Record Holders:

  • Most Grammys won: Georg Solti (31 awards)
  • Most Grammys won by female artists: Beyoncé (28 awards)
  • Most Grammys won by a group: U2 (22 awards)
  • Most Grammys won by a rapper: Jay-Z and Kanye West (24 awards)
  • Youngest Artist to win Song of the Year: Lorde (17 years)
  • Youngest Artist to win Album of the Year and Record of the year: Billie Eilish (18 years)

Details for 65th Grammy Awards:

The 65th Grammy Awards show will be held on 5 February 2023, and the nominations will be announced on 15 November 2022.

Final Words:

Grammy Awards are one of the three big music awards held annually. Being a Time 11 Grammy Winner is a significant achievement for artists. We hope you have checked out the list of all the 11-time Grammy winners mentioned in the article above.

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