The Watcher True Story Real Family: Who Are The Watcher True Story Murders? Find Details On Its Wiki, And The Real Family From The Watcher!

The Watcher True Story Real Family and all the information related to it are discussed in this article. Read to understand more.

Have you seen the recently released series ‘The Watcher,’ and did you like it? It is said that the whole series is based on a true story. The entire story is in the horror genre, and people are curious to know what part of it is accurate and what part is scripted. It is viral in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. 

The Watcher True Story Real Family is trending on the Internet as everyone is curious about the story. Let us get to know all the details in the following article. 


About The Watcher

The Watcher is a horror series about a family who moves into their dream house, which turns into an ugly reality. The first episode of this series is out on Netflix, and the series turned scary as people got to know that the story was real. 

The story is genuine and includes a family named ‘Broaddus.’ The Watcher True Story Murders are of the same family. This mystery is not yet solved, and people are interrogating the same. 

What happened in real? 

This story concerns Derek and Maria Broaddus and their 3 kids, aged 5, 8, and 10. The letters sent to the Broaddus family at the start are natural, almost similar to the actual notes, and creepy and scary. After Broaddus leaves the place, the letter sent to the neighbors is also true. The teacher is also someone who was there in the actual scene. 

The Watcher True Story Wiki

This story is a real-life incident in June 2014, when the Broaddus family bought their new house. This family was watched by a creepy writer who used to haunt and threaten them by sending letters to their place. The house was named 657 Boulevard, and the writer wrote weird stories about the area, which threatened them to move out. The story is still mysterious, and nobody couldn’t find the reasons. 

Note: All details gathered from online sources.


At the end of this article, we summed up the actual life incident of the series named ‘The Watcher’ and how it was scarier when people came to know it was an actual incident. The Real Family From the Watcher was the Broaddus family who went through all this tragedy. It was a horror and scary story shown in the Netflix series. If you are excited to know more details about ‘The Watcher’ real story, follow the next link.  

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