Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca {July 2022} Read About It!

This post on Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca will solve all your errors while accessing Benito Juarez Scholarship, so read the post until the end.

Have you faced any errors while collecting Benito Juarez Scholarship? But why is this error, and what is its solution? The students of  Mexico are facing trouble while collecting their scholarships through the Bienestar Azteca app. But don’t worry, student, we have decoded your problem; if you want to know the solution to Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca, then kindly read this post till the end because you will get all the solutions here.

Error While Collecting Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022

Benito Juarez Scholarship Announcement By Coordinators

  • The administrators and coordinators of the Benito Juarez Scholarship announced that deposits for scholarships begin on the 15th of July 2022.
  • Coordinators informed the beneficiaries to collect the scholarship amount of $1,680.
  • High school Students immediately started to access the Bienestar Azteca platform to collect their scholarships.

Beneficiaries Are Facing Errors

  • According to some reports, high school students face problems and errors because they have accessed this platform in advance. 

Que ES GE004 en Bienestar Azteca And Other Errors

Login Error For  Benito Juarez Scholarship

  • The students face many problems, and one of them is login error. The cause of the error is still unknown, but some people have already found the solution.
  • To solve this issue, uninstall the application. And then install it again.
  • Give access to your location through GPS. please note that students should put the location of their homes
  • Then go to the application and give access to all the permission.
  • The final step is to enter your username and password. And it’s done.

Are you facing a geolocation problem? Then continue reading this post on Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca.

Geolocation Problem Or Error

  • Facing geolocation problems or errors is commonly found by the Benito Juarez Scholarship beneficiaries. Errors like: “Something goes wrong”, “try to enroll later” or “try to access later” are faced by the students while collecting scholarships through this application.
  • Here is the solution that may help you to collect your Benito Juarez Scholarship.
  • Students are facing this geolocation error probably because they haven’t been given access to GPS to  Bienestar Azteca or the Aztec welfare platform.
  • To solve this problem, Go to settings, search for applications and then select Aztec welfare.
  • The final step to solve  Error GE004 Bienestar Azteca or geolocation error is to enter Aztec welfare; you can see permission, activate all the features and allow all the permission app needs.
  • That’s it. Now, you will not face this error again.


Summing up this post, if students get maintenance notice, they should wait for the platform to be released. For more queries or doubts, students can also visit the Benito Juarez Scholarship’s office in their area. If you want to know more details or updates about Benito Juarez Scholarship, then please check this link  

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