Telemedicine Apps from Covid-19’s Time

Telemedicine Apps: Ever since the beginning of the medical industry, patients have been preferring to meet doctors in-person to get better diagnosed and prescribed. However, things changed a lot when the virus of Covid-19 struck the world. Multiple challenges were faced by humanity but the biggest of them all was not being able to see a patient physically. This called for help from the world of technology and we saw different covid app ideas emerging.

Challenges due to Covid-19

Technology has always been aiding humans in facing various challenges posed to people. To understand the ways telemedicine apps helped people during the time of the recent pandemic, it is necessary for us to know about the challenges faced. Here are some of the major challenges that appeared with Covid-19 and engulfed the whole world:

Urgent Need for Medical Professionals

Covid-19 became an international health issue within a matter of just a few months. This called for a medical emergency all over the world. Doctors and all other medical professionals were always kept on a high alert. Even though the majority of them were required to report at hospitals, not every patient showing symptoms of the disease was critical enough to be admitted. These patients, however, still required medical attention and needed a way to reach out to the doctors.

Physical Limitations

Covid-19 was an easy-to-spread disease with no cure vaccine. Hence, WHO advised everyone to maintain a safe distance and have no physical contact at all. This SOP made it even tough for the patients to reach out to doctors or visit hospitals. Some countries even placed full curfew making it tougher for patients to get out of their homes. These physical limitations even made it difficult for the attendants to take serious patients to hospitals as well.

24/7 Medical Help

Since Covid-19 became a worldwide issue where patients required medical attention all round the clock. Where the critical patients were kept in hospitals under observation, the ones at home could need help anytime as well. However, limitations to travel and staying within a specified physical distance became huge hindrances for people.

Easy Storage of Patient Data

As covid-19 was a new disease, doctors needed all records of their patients suffering from it at one location. However, it became difficult as the patients were not visiting hospitals all the time, the medical staff was falling sick because of this disease, and only limited staff was available in the end. These issues did not affect the need for scientists and doctors requiring the record of Covid-19 patients to learn more about its trends and develop a solution.

Telemedicine Apps – Savior in Covid-19 Times

In these difficult times, Telemedicine apps were developed in a large number. These apps became a much-needed bridge between patients and doctors. It would not be wrong that it is because of these apps that a lot of patients managed to recover from Covid-19. Here are some of the ways these apps became a huge support for humanity in the last few years:

Ease to Connect with Doctors

Telemedicine apps made it possible for patients to connect with qualified doctors. Every app gave accounts to various doctors specializing in different domains. Patients could make an account by providing some contact details and basic information. They could then go through profiles of different doctors and book an appointment with a doctor of their choice.

Round the Clock Assistance

Sickness never looks at the clock so why would the Telemedicine apps? Doctors knew they were needed round the clock so patients could visit the app at any time and check the doctors available. This gave them the liberty to check in with a doctor at any hour of the day. Moreover, it made it easy for the doctors to be available for their patients as well. 

Eliminating the Need for In-Person Appointments

Telemedicine apps eliminated the need for patients to visit doctors as they can get prescribed over a call, video call, or chat. This removed the challenges and risks they were facing by traveling to a hospital or clinic to get checked by a doctor. Moreover, these apps made it possible for doctors to prescribe medicines and share the prescription either over a text message or within the app.

Keeping Records in One Place

These apps were connected with one database that could store symptoms, prescriptions, and the effect of each medicine on the patient it was prescribed to. Hence, doctors could easily open the notes from one appointment whenever needed and make connections between different cases. This helped many doctors to learn new symptoms of Covid-19, understand the way medicines were working, and be better at their job of saving lives.

Given all of the achievements of the telemedicine apps, it would not be wrong to say that different covid app ideas became a huge savior of many lives. Without these apps, things would have gotten more difficult.

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